3 Localization Trends Every Global Business Should Know

3 Localization Trends Every Global Business Should Know
Lucy Xu
February 26, 2019
3 min read

Today, technology is breaking down geographical and global barriers, and doing it at exponentially increasing speeds. For companies, this means that there is no better time than the present to start investing in technologies that will optimize your global presence. And with translation and localization technology more accessible than ever, it is important to understand the key trends in the industry and how your business can leverage each to optimize your global expansion and reach.

That’s why Transifex has put together an annual localization trends guide, breaking down each localization trend that you should be keeping an eye on as you continue to build your international strategy to reach global audiences. As you gear up for the coming year and beyond, use the 2019 Localization Trends Guide to stay on top of all the localization trends on the rise and tips for how your business can leverage each.

Catch up on three of the trends below, and download the 2019 Localization Trends Guide to get the full breakdown and actionable next steps for all ten trends.  

1. AI & Machine Learning

The Trend: Over the past year, AI-driven translation innovations have started to emerge, augmenting current machine translation and localization methods with a more human touch to help global businesses continue to optimize for speed and accuracy. In 2019, localization and translation management technologies will continue to fine tune their craft and enhance precision through AI and related tech.

The Next Step:  Start exploring options early so you can find the one that is the best fit for your business, and make sure it aligns with your existing infrastructure.

2. Hyper-Localized Content

The Trend: A few years ago, “localization” was still an esoteric word known only to the specific world of translation professionals, and businesses were still educating themselves on the fundamentals of building a global presence. This year, expect companies to progress forward with hyper-localized content that better targets global audiences.

The Next Step: Start by building a strong foundation for scaling your global content and presence by getting up to speed on the localization fundamentals.

3. Multilingual Video

The Trend: Whether on social media or company websites, video is leading the way in engagement and conversions for companies across all markets. In fact, it is predicted that online video will make up over 80% of all internet traffic by next year. Now it may go without saying, but prepare to see an increase in video content translation and localization in the coming year.

The Next Step: Evaluate your top-performing content and invest in a tool that will help you easily localize it all. For more actionable tips, check out the full 2019 Localization Trends Guide. Beyond the market research from above, you can also leverage international SEO. Do this by conducting some due diligence on keywords that resonate in international markets, and seeing which markets may have a more established and thorough understanding of your industry.

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These three vital trends are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to understanding the whole shift of the market and progress of localization technology today. To get the entire breakdown of all ten trends, download the full 2019 Localization Trends Guide and get a better understanding of what you should be keeping an eye on as you continue to build your international strategy to reach global audiences.

Have your markets selected and ready to start localizing? Sign up for a free 15-day trial of Transifex to start localizing your content today.

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