Transifex Live
Your Gateway to Global Engagement

Transifex Live simplifies the localization of your marketing content directly on your website in real-time, enabling you to engage international audiences without the need for complex coding or backend integrations.
Real-time Website Translation

Just like adding a Google Analytics code, embed a simple JavaScript snippet in your site. Instantly, you're ready to manage translations without ever involving your IT department.

With Transifex Live, your web content flows directly into Transifex, and updated translations push live with just a few clicks.

Connect and Convert

By eliminating traditional file-based processes, Transifex Live allows you to manage website translations with the agility of a digital marketing campaign.

This integration is designed for marketers who need to move fast and adapt to changing market demands without being bogged down by technical complexities or delays.

In-Context Translations

When translators work directly on your website using Transifex Live, they see exactly where and how their translations fit within the actual page layout.

This in-context visibility ensures that each translated phrase aligns perfectly not just linguistically but also visually, maintaining the integrity and style of your website’s design.

Empowered by Transifex AI

Leverage Transifex AI to produce translations that are indistinguishable from those done by humans but with the speed and cost-efficiency of machine translation.

Transifex has developed the most sophisticated AI solution on the market to enable scalable localization efforts without compromising on quality.


Unlock Your Global Market Potential

Transform your website into a globally accessible platform without compromising on speed, security, or search engine visibility.
Transifex Live FAQ
Will Transifex Live affect my website's search ranking or SEO?
Transifex Live integrates seamlessly into your website through JavaScript, similar to other web tools like Google Analytics. In recent years, search engines have greatly improved their ability to crawl and index JavaScript content, ensuring that your translated content is recognized and indexed effectively.

For enhanced SEO, Transifex Live also offers plugins for platforms like WordPress, allowing unique URLs and hreflang tags for multilingual versions, which help improve global search engine visibility.
How are translations served to end-users?
Translations are delivered via our Content Delivery Network (CDN), which ensures high availability and low latency. This method ensures that translations are managed separately from your site’s core content, maintaining your website's security and integrity without passing sensitive data through our servers.
What impact will Transifex Live have on site speed and end-user performance?
Transifex Live is designed with speed in mind, ensuring that it does not negatively impact your site’s performance. Translations are stored locally on users' devices after the initial load, which means faster loading times on subsequent visits without repeated downloads.
Do my translators have to use Transifex Live?
While translators can use traditional methods like the Web Editor or offline translation tools, using Transifex Live allows for in-context reviewing, ensuring translations are contextually appropriate and visually accurate. However, it is not mandatory for the completion of translations.
How much technical knowledge is required to use Transifex Live?
Transifex Live requires minimal technical knowledge, similar to installing a basic web analytics tool. You simply need to paste the provided JavaScript snippet into your HTML. For those who need more control, a JavaScript API is available for advanced customizations.
Does Transifex Live handle dynamic content?
Yes, Transifex Live can automatically handle both static and dynamic content. It can detect dynamically injected content via the JavaScript library and for more complex requirements, the JavaScript API can be utilized.
Can I use Transifex Live with private web pages?
Absolutely. Transifex Live operates directly within your site, enabling you to manage translations even on pages that require login access, without compromising privacy or security.
Can I load each translation version on a different page?
Yes, Transifex Live automatically detects the URL and serves the appropriate language version. For specific requirements, such as directing users to language-specific URLs (e.g., for German), a custom language picker can be implemented.
Are there any security implications to using Transifex Live?
Transifex Live does not access your code or make any changes to your website. At Transifex, we’re committed to respecting your privacy and website integrity. The platform operates through a proxy server setup, and Transifex does not interact directly with your site’s code or data beyond what is necessary for translation.
How does Transifex Live handle sensitive data that shouldn't be saved for translation?
You can disable auto-detection of new strings and use the 'notranslate' class to prevent specific sections of your HTML from being translated, ensuring that sensitive information is not inadvertently included in translation processes.
We are passionate about meeting our customers where they are, and Transifex Live has empowered us to connect with all of our customers globally at scale
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Senior Director - Host Segment
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