A localization platform also referred to as a translation management system, or TMS, is a layer of technology designed to facilitate, streamline, and manage the complex translation process for websites and applications.

For global companies, a translation management system is an ideal complement to your CMS or code repository, supporting the end-to-end process of digital content creation through multilingual content management and deployment. But how do you know which TMS is right for you? Or if there are options better than your current solution.

To help companies like yours, we’ve created a detailed plan for evaluating a current or future translation management system.

Table of Contents

  • How your translation management system can add value in a competitive global market
  • Common challenges faced with translation management
  • Essential questions to ask when in the evaluation stage
  • What tools and features to look for in a robust TMS
  • Options for translating your digital content
  • Benefits of partnering with a TMS that meets your needs
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