The Team behind Transifex

Transifex was founded with the vision to change how products are launched to a global audience. Starting as a translation platform for the open source world, Transifex grew to be a leading worldwide localization platform for software products.

Dimitris Glezos, CEO & Founder of Transifex

Dimitris Glezos

CEO, Founder

Dimitris founded Transifex and developed the first version of the product. He studied Computer Engineering and researched AI & Fuzzy logic for his PhD. In the weekends, you'll either find him rock climbing or cooking.

Diego Búrigo Zacarão

Engineering Manager

Diego is the software translation expert around here. He is a Computer Science graduate with long experience in software localization, community architecture and IT management. Diego lives in Brazil, the land of barbecue.

Konstantinos Bairaktaris

Senior Engineer

Konstantinos is a swiss-army knife in web development technologies. He specializes in fast prototyping and serious brainstorming. When out of the office, he's experimenting with musical instruments, cooking and sailing.

Antoine Garnelis

Designer, Product Architect

Antoine is a computer science engineer who turned into a designer. He's in charge of the User Experience and Product Architecture. Also, as a former 3D artist, he is in love with everything related to visual arts.

Themis Savvidis

Web Developer, Data analysis

Themis is the guy with a machine learning solution looking for a problem. When not composing music, you can find him reading cognition-related books or doing something crazy people would love to hear about.

Antonio J. Espinosa

Chief Operating Officer (COO)

With a passion for entrepreneurship, Antonio has a successful history of leveraging his technology background to the art of business - on five different continents. His hobbies include photography and sports.

Vrachnis Ilias

Sysadmin, Ops

Ilias, a computer engineer too, joined the team in the pursuit of 100% uptime. His knowledge of sys-admin and Unix make him our go-to guy for all system-related tasks. When not scripting or debugging, he watches horror movies.

Nikos Vassiliou

Senior Engineer

Nikos joined Transifex in a quest for his next challenge. He is a FOSS lover and has a long track of record in mobile, web and desktop software design. Always thinking out of the box, he envisions great products and services.

Samuel Chan

Marketing Coordinator

Samuel is our marketing guy. He works on all sorts of messaging from infographics to emails and new headlines. In his downtime, he enjoys watching American football and reading.

Mike Giannakopoulos

Designer, UX Developer

Mike joined Transifex to add his knowledge and passion on web applications to the team. He thinks that a solution can only be simple and is on a quest for ideas and technologies that make the web a better place. In his free time he enjoys movies and running.

Marilena Papageorgiou

Junior Web Developer

Marilena is the pygirl of the team, dedicated to develop Transifex along with herself. In the meantime, she messes with many things but her true love is everyday art, cats and adventure-yes, great adventure.

Christos Amanatidis

Software Engineer

Christos received his PhD in computer science. He is always seeking for the best programming paradigms and learning new technologies. In his spare time he loves running and taking long walks.

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