With the global business landscape and consumer behavior changing at an increasingly rapid pace across the world, leading companies are doing all they can to keep up. And as another year passes and the world becomes even more connected, companies are embracing globalization.

As you gear up for the new year, we’ve pulled together all the must-know trends to ensure the success of your localization and effective growth of grow your global expansion efforts.

Inside this guide, you’ll discover the must-know localization trends of 2019 — and actionable next steps for your company to best leverage each — including:

  • How AI and machine learning will continue to enhance translation and localization
  • Where companies are increasing their global localization spend
  • How to create more personalized, localized content for global audiences
  • Why mobile localization is going hand-in-hand with web app localization
  • What type of digital content is rising in demand
  • How businesses are getting more creative with translation methods and quality
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