Translate Your WordPress Site with Transifex Live

Leverage the Transifex Live solution for localization and install our companion WordPress Plugin for international SEO power.


Build a Quality WordPress Site without Engineering Dependencies

The Transifex Live translation management platform is the easy-to-use solution for localizing your WordPress website. Inserting a single line of JavaScript enables you to:

Auto Collect Strings

Easily collect all your website content for in-context translation. You can even ignore strings that you don’t want to translate.

Translate Content

Use our partner providers, your existing translators, or your crowd, and keep translated content in a consolidated place.

Publish Translations

Say goodbye to infrastructure and additional software costs by serving your translated content through our reliable CDN.

Maximize International SEO Potential with our WordPress Plugin

Link your WordPress website with Transifex with an API key. This plugin integration makes it easy to manage the technical aspects of international SEO by automatically inserting language tags in your page headers, creating language subdirectories, or mapping to existing subdomains. For even more international SEO power, enable Prerender to support page indexing of translated pages.


Sign Up with Transifex

Sign up for a Transifex account. This gives you the opportunity to check out all the features of Transifex Live before publishing any translated content.


Create a Web Project

From your Transifex dashboard, add a new project, selecting “web project” for project type, as well as your target languages. Never deal with messy language files again.


Install the Plugin

Install the Transifex Live Translation Plugin into WordPress, get your API key, and paste it into the plugins settings. Translate in-context and see exactly what translated pages will look like.

For more information about setup, check out our WordPress support documentation.

Want to learn more about Transifex Live and the WordPress Integration?

Give Transifex Live a try with our free 15 day trial, or reserve a seat at our group demo for a tour of the platform’s features.

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