How MT is Optimizing Translation for Users & Businesses of All Industries

Lucy Xu
September 26, 2019
3 min read

As more research, investment, and innovation occurs in the field of Machine Translation (MT), companies and people are beginning to better understand its power and potential. In fact, recent news has revealed that more investment has gone into expanding current knowledge around the ‘auto-magical’ translation automation method — and as a result, new industries and applications of the methodology have arisen.

Specifically in this week and period, we see big tech players take strides in investing in their own MT-related research for larger future application plans, driving an overall larger awareness across industries of the power of MT for their global expansion efforts. A method previously only tested and utilized by more forward-thinking tech and digital companies is now more widely used across industries and for different types of content, which we will see below.

In this next post of our #MachineTranslation series, we continue to explore more of the latest news and trends in the space.

The new technology that could turn small businesses into international companies

As time goes on, more and more machine translation programs are helping remove the language barriers that used to hinder international commerce. In recent MT news and insights, MarketWatch takes a closer look into how machine-based translation programs are actually “becoming sophisticated enough to enable people in different countries to communicate as if they spoke the same language” — and what this means for the global growth, scale, and profitability of businesses of all sizes.

Apple May Be Stepping Up Its Game in Machine Translation

While Apple has not been known as a “trailblazer” when it comes to machine translation, Slator explores how recently leaked internal documents suggest that Apple is working to expand Siri’s MT capabilities. Specifically, Apple had reportedly conducted active research around how accurate Siri responses were to user’s recorded audio. With this move, Apple could be equipping the next generation of users with powerful machine translation capabilities at the tip of their fingertips.

Facebook moves forward in its mission to solve challenges in natural language processing

Earlier this year, Facebook sought out “robust deep learning approaches for natural language processing” and other proposals that fell into one of the following three subfields: natural language processing, cross-disciplinary linguistics study, and AI handling computer-language interactions. As a result, 11 winning proposals were selected, with the aim to transform the future of AI, Machine Learning, and all else that language technology space holds.

Life Science and Pharma Companies Uncovering the Power of Automation Translation

In recent news, some innovative industries are now betting on MT. For life science companies, international expansion is an inevitable growth route, but also one that is filled with immense amounts of global regulatory scrutiny. PharmaTimes highlights how more and more businesses in the field are leveraging Machine Translation (and its ability to “absorb specialist vocabularies at speed” to improve consumer experience and build trust in global markets.

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