7 Best AI Tools to Transform Your Business in 2024

Siddharth Sharma
February 6, 2024
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A recent survey shows that 94% of business leaders view AI as crucial for success within the next five years. The reason is clear – as AI tools evolve, businesses leverage these technologies to streamline processes, enhance efficiency, and cut costs. 

While ChatGPT has garnered most of the attention, it represents only a fraction of the larger AI ecosystem.

This article will explore the seven best AI tools beyond OpenAI’s model. Each of these tools offers unique benefits that can revolutionize various aspects of your business, including content creation, customer management, and data analysis.

Let’s dive right in!

What are AI Tools?

In simple terms, AI tools are sophisticated software applications engineered to perform and automate complex tasks with high efficiency. Utilizing advanced algorithms and Large Language Models (LLMs), these tools process and analyze vast amounts of data to recognize patterns, make informed predictions, and offer intelligent suggestions. Additionally, their adaptability allows for diverse applications across sectors, tailoring solutions to specific industry challenges and enhancing decision-making processes. 

With AI technology constantly evolving, these tools offer innovative solutions to tackle everyday challenges, making them invaluable resources for productivity and optimization.

Why You Should Consider Using AI Tools

With the right AI-powered tool on your side, you’ll be able to streamline your workflow and stay on top of your tasks, ensuring you never miss a beat. Here’s how:

  • Streamline Your Workflow: AI automates and minimizes repetitive tasks, from scheduling to crunching numbers, allowing teams to focus on what truly matters.
  • Data-driven insights: Forget drowning in spreadsheets. AI dives into your data, unearthing hidden insights and trends that drive smarter decisions across your organization.
  • Enhanced experiences: AI can improve customer satisfaction and loyalty by providing tailored recommendations, instant support, and proactive problem-solving. 
  • Efficiency Like Never Before: By identifying bottlenecks and optimizing processes, AI ensures your operations run smoother than ever.
  • Stay Ahead with Predictive Insights: Anticipate market trends and customer needs with AI’s predictive analysis, empowering you to make proactive decisions and stay ahead of the curve.

Early adopters of AI technology are already witnessing a 20% boost in productivity compared to those who do not. Moreover, companies using AI are likely to see a 15% increase in profitability and 12% in revenue growth. [Source: ‘The Impact of AI on Business Performance,’ 2023 Study by the Global Tech Research Institute]

These remarkable results demonstrate the transformative power of AI across all industries.

Let’s use this as an example:

Imagine that you want to expand your e-commerce business to new markets and need to localize a large volume of content for each target audience. 

The traditional approach would have you relying heavily on human translators, which can lead to higher costs, inconsistencies, and delays.

Instead, using an AI-powered localization tool, you can get your content translated quickly, accurately, and consistently. All in line with your predetermined style guide, glossaries, and other contextual data. This integration makes it possible to create personalized content and translations at scale, saving you time and effort with just a click. How simple is that?

Top 7 AI Tools 

Looking for the right AI tool to improve your workflow? Well, it all comes down to your unique objectives. To make things easier for you, we’ve compiled a list of 7 of the best AI tools available, each designed to meet your unique needs. Whether you’re looking for help with content creation, SEO, social media marketing, or relationship management, we’ve got you covered. 

Just take a look at our list and find the perfect AI tool to help take your business to the next level.

  • Transifex
  • Optimonk
  • Semrush
  • Adobe Sensei
  • Synthesia.io
  • Sprout Social
  • Optimove

Localization with the Power of AI

Transifex AI


As discussed earlier, an AI-powered localization tool could be the best solution if you’re looking to streamline your localization process and avoid unnecessary costs and potential inconsistencies.

Ranked #1 tool by G2 in translation and localization, Transifex offers an AI-powered localization hub that helps you engage the world with human-quality content and translations.

The powerful Translation Management System(TMS) offers exceptional scalability, eliminating the need for extensive manual work. Instead, it ensures seamless synchronization of Over-the-Air (OTA) translations with dynamic content changes. 

Transifex AI takes content translation to the next level by leveraging the power of advanced Machine Learning algorithms combined with the relevant context. This feature streamlines time-consuming processes by utilizing brand-specific resources, glossaries, and previous translations and ensures your voice resonates worldwide. 

Key Advantages

  • Real-Time Localization: The AI engine delivers personalized, localized content, enabling businesses to meet market demands and reduce time-to-market quickly.
  • Enhanced Translation Quality: Transifex AI provides context-based translations that capture your brand’s unique voice and style, ensuring authenticity and accuracy.​​​​
  • Scalability: Designed for complex workflows, Trasifex can handle evolving content needs, ensuring consistency and up-to-date translations.​​​​
  • SEO-friendly Content: Increase your organic traffic and online presence by integrating SEO-optimized translations into your localization process.
  • Optimized UI Experience: Transifex’s AI ensures that your translated content fits any UI design seamlessly.
  • Data Security: Prioritizing confidentiality, Transifex maintains the highest security standards to protect sensitive information.​​​​

Transifex AI is currently free for all Transifex accounts, with translations available for up to 20K characters per month.

Interested in trying out Transifex for your business? Sign up now for a free trial to access all the AI localization features.

AI-Driven Conversions


Tired of manual A/B testing and personalization? Leverage Optimonk’s AI to craft compelling headlines, personalized popups, and captivating product descriptions to boost website conversions.

Tailor perfect product pages with A/B tests for each customer and do it simultaneously for thousands of product pages. You can also design and edit your pop-ups without code and optimize them for different mobile devices. 

Key Advantages

  • Personalized User Experience: Optimonk employs AI to tailor your user’s experience by personalizing content and offers based on individual preferences and behaviors on your website.
  • Increased Conversion Rates: The platform’s AI-driven strategies lead to optimized user interactions, higher conversion rates, and improved overall conversion funnels.
  • Data-Driven Optimization: Optimonk’s AI algorithms analyze user behavior data, providing insights that enable your business to continually refine and optimize conversion strategies.

AI-Driven SEO

Semrush SWA

Semrush, a pioneer in the SEO space, has developed advanced AI-powered tools to assist content marketers in streamlining and optimizing their efforts. 

One such tool, the SEO Writing Assistant (SWA), revolutionizes content creation by enabling writers to fine-tune their content in real-time based on their targeted keywords and the search engine results page (SERPs).

SEO writing assistant

Key Advantages

  • Intelligent Content Optimization: Within the Semrush ecosystem, SWA empowers content creators to optimize content and detect plagiarism. Users can input their content directly into the Semrush interface or leverage integrations with Google Docs, Microsoft Word Add-On, or the WordPress plugin. This facilitates real-time access to recommendations for content improvement and optimization.
  • Readability and Tone Analysis: SWA goes beyond traditional optimization by incorporating parameters for readability and tone of voice. This ensures the content aligns with the intended audience and maintains a consistent brand voice.
  • Scoring and Recommendations: Following the analysis, SWA provides a comprehensive score out of 10, accompanied by a detailed list of recommendations. This enables content creators to make informed decisions to refine and optimize their pieces effectively.

AI Design Tools

Adobe Sensei

Adobe Sensei is the AI engine powering some of Adobe’s most popular creative software, including Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign. It revolutionizes graphic design processes through various AI-powered features, from intelligent image recognition and manipulation to streamlined content creation.

The AI tool also helps you uncover insights and predict customer behavior to deliver the perfect customer experience.

Key Advantages

  • Intuitive Search: Use the powerful, intuitive search in Adobe Stock and Photoshop Lightroom to find the right assets for the right moment.
  • Intelligent Image Recognition: Adobe Sensei’s image recognition capabilities automate tasks such as tagging and categorizing images, making it easier for designers to locate and utilize assets.
  • Content-Aware Fill: Seamlessly remove unwanted objects and fill the gaps with realistic, contextually-aware textures. 


Remember those futuristic movies where characters interacted with realistic, AI-generated avatars? 

Synthesia.io brings that vision to life, allowing you to create professional-looking videos without actors, cameras, or expensive studios. Simply write a script, choose an avatar (or upload your own!), and let Synthesia’s AI do its magic.

ai video tool

Key Advantages

  • Text-to-Video Conversion: Transform your written content into engaging video presentations or marketing campaigns. Convert your website copy, blog posts, or emails into engaging videos.
  • Multiple Languages and Accents: Reach a global audience with diverse avatar options and multilingual support. Synthesia allows you to create videos in 120+ languages and various accents, ensuring your message resonates with viewers worldwide.
  • Customizable Avatars: Don’t settle for generic faces. Upload your image or choose from a wide range of pre-designed avatars to create characters representing your brand or resonating with your target audience.

AI For Social Media 

Sprout Social

Sprout Social simplifies social media publishing, monitoring, and customer management, providing businesses with a consolidated platform to streamline their social media efforts. 

This tool saves valuable time and ensures a consistent brand identity across all social channels.

Key Advantages

  • Multi-Platform Publishing and Scheduling: Manage your Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Pinterest accounts from a single platform. Schedule posts in advance, ensuring consistent content flow and maximizing audience engagement.
  • Social Listening and Monitoring: Track brand mentions, industry trends, and competitor activity across the social web. Identify key conversations and opportunities to jump in and make your voice heard.
  • Automated Engagement: Respond to comments and messages promptly, even when you’re away. Set up personalized auto-replies and save time while maintaining responsive customer service.

AI Relationship Marketing Tool


Optimove goes beyond traditional CRM approaches, enhancing customer engagement, retention, and loyalty.

Here’s how it works: 

Every Optimove client gets a custom predictive customer model. This model captures their unique business characteristics and customer data. It’s built based on four main sources:

  1. First-party raw data
  2. On-site/in-app user activity
  3. Third-party data
  4. Campaign response history

This consolidated dataset is continuously maintained as a 360° Single Customer View. This view is accessible to the organization and can be used to orchestrate individualized customer relationships across all available channels.

relationship marketing ai tool

Key Advantages

  • AI-Driven Segmentation: Forget cookie-cutter customer groups. Optimove uses AI to automatically segment your audience based on real-time behavior, creating personalized campaigns that speak directly to each customer’s unique desires.
  • Predictive Targeting: Optimove doesn’t just react to customer actions; it anticipates them. The platform’s powerful predictive algorithms identify customers most likely to engage with specific offers, ensuring your marketing efforts hit the right target at the right time.
  • Omnichannel Orchestration: Your customer journey should be a smooth experience. Optimove integrates into your marketing channels, delivering consistent, personalized user experiences regardless of how your customers interact with you.

Wrapping Up

After discussing these cutting-edge AI-powered tools, it’s clear that the future of business is closely tied to the capabilities of Artificial Intelligence. 

From connecting with global audiences using Transifex to scaling conversion rates with Optimonk – what once seemed like a futuristic concept is now a reality. So, embrace the potential of AI and optimize any aspect of your workflow. 

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