Transifex & EventMobi

EventMobi Leads Global Events Industry with Streamlined Localization

Starting as an eco-conscious initiative to minimize paper waste at events, EventMobi quickly rose to one of the pioneering forces in the event management industry. Since 2009, the Toronto-based company has redefined event experiences worldwide with its innovative and multilingual software solutions.


Discover how EventMobi partnered with Transifex to overcome language barriers and localization challenges to reach global audiences.


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From paperless events to an industry leader with presence in over 72 countries, EventMobi’s journey has been nothing short of transformative. But reaching a global audience presented a new frontier: streamlined and hurdle-free localization. The pandemic’s pivot to virtual events amplified the task with increased volumes of multilingual content and an urgent need for seamless delivery. Traditional methods were slow, clunky, and error-prone – hardly fitting for the industry’s breakneck pace.


How could EventMobi streamline localization, keep translations flawless, and ensure their brand voice resonated in every corner of the globe?

“I 100% recommend that any product or engineering leaders involved in localization find an expert like Transifex to handle it with automations to save time and focus on essential tasks.”
Yichi Chen
Product Manager, EventMobi
  • Effortless Automation: Machine Translation and Translation Memory took the heavy lifting out of localization, ensuring brand consistency through a centralized glossary. No more spreadsheets and manual tasks – just smooth, efficient workflows.
  • Streamlined Integration: Transifex’s user-friendly SDKs and API, were seamlessly integrated with EventMobi’s tech stack, enabling continuous content updates directly from repositories.
  • Real-Time Monitoring and Management:  Advanced dashboards designed for enhanced control and visibility, with automated notifications, that streamlined collaboration between teams and translators.
  • Global Partners with Local Expertise:  Transifex provided a network of partner translation agencies that ensured faster localization, direct communication, and reliable processes for every language and region.
virtual events eventmobi transifex
“With all the automations of Transifex, you can simply make localization a low effort but high-value task.”
Yichi Chen
Product Manager, EventMobi

EventMobi partnered with Transifex to propel translation processes and extend their global reach. Transifex’s advanced automations allowed for a truly streamlined localization that involved minimal manual effort to translate at scale. Content rollout soared 7x, doubling release cadence and boosting user satisfaction. By embracing seamless end-to-end localization, EventMobi has cemented its position as a tech-driven, international event management leader.


Success Snapshot:

  • Enhanced user satisfaction through consistent, high-quality translations
  • Automated translations with 95% accuracy reduced workload by 22%
  • Content rollout accelerated 7x
  • Increased market presence, reaching new audiences across 33 languages
  • 100% shorter release cycles
  • Rapid implementation, ensuring swift global expansion


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