Zendesk Integration

Integrating Transifex with Zendesk will enable you to sync content between Zendesk and your projects in Transifex, without leaving the Transifex interface.

Localize your multilingual support content

Seamlessly connect your Zendesk Help Center with the Transifex app so that you can streamline your translation workflow and easily send articles and dynamic content between both platforms.

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Improve Translation Quality & Speed

Brands Support

The synchronization wizard allows linking of the current project in Transifex with a brand (subdomain) in Zendesk.

Complex Dynamic Content

Use String Segmentation to split long, dynamic content into separate sentences.

Push Options

The integration offers three possible options for automatically sending localized content back to Zendesk; 100% translated, 100% reviewed, 100% proofread.

Enhanced Process Control

Translations Options

Work with your translation agency, in-house team, or Transifex partners, crowdsource translations or leverage MT using Google Translate or Bing Translator.

Syncing Status Report

See a summary of the syncing status along with a breakdown by content type, a summary on languages that were synced and a list of any errors.

Keep your Zendesk content continuously localized


Authorize access to Zendesk content for all your Transifex organization.


Connect multiple Transifex projects with content from specific Zendesk brands.


Leverage the whole Transifex suite localizing Zendesk content.


Get localized versions in Zendesk automatically when localized.

Want to learn more about Zendesk integration?

Explore all the options the integration offers in the extensive documentation.

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