Deliver Localized Digital Experiences Faster

Connect Figma with Transifex to accelerate your localization workflow and go to market faster. Enabling closer collaboration between the product, design and localization teams, this plugin integrates Transifex’s powerful cloud translation management system into Figma so you can preview your localized designs and correct any internationalization issues before coding begins.

Start Localization At The Design Phase

Let your designers preview the localized designs and make all necessary adjustments, straight away. Boost collaboration between your designers and translators. Deliver new digital experiences faster.

Install the Plugin

Agile Localization

Preview & Edit Designs

Automated transfer of strings and translations between Transifex and Figma means designers can see how their mockups, prototypes and final designs will look in various languages. Edit the designs and iterate the translations in an agile way until they are ready for development.

Enhance Cross-team Collaboration

Eliminate the endless back and forth between your product designers, developers, and translators by connecting everyone in the cloud. Avoid costly delays in fixing localization bugs discovered only after testing or worse by your users.

Effortless Automation

Provide Visual Context

Context is the key to quality translations. The plugin automatically adds a screenshot of each design in Transifex and maps the strings to them. This rich context enables the translators to adjust their translations so that the UX feels natural in every language.

Accelerate Localization Workflow

Instead of manually exporting and importing translation files, push strings to Transifex and pull translations into Figma directly with the click of a single button. Easily manage multiple Figma translation projects and resources right from the plugin.

Using The Figma Plugin


Connect Figma with Transifex in the cloud. You need the proper privileges for the security of your IP.

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Select the Figma frames and layers for translation. Remove any unneeded strings.

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Click “Push” to send the selected strings to Transifex and add them to the connected resource.

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Click “Pull” to insert the translations into a copy of your design on a new page.

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