How Space Ape Games reduces turnaround time by 20% during game localization

"Thanks to Transifex features I could leverage my Agents' workload so they can focus more on reviewing and quality. "
– Sabrina Colletta, Localization Manager


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Space Ape Games was founded in 2012 with a mission to create the highest quality and most successful mobile games in the world. To date, backed by Supercell, Space Ape has created some of the world’s best and most popular mobile games in 150 countries.

Business Needs

Given the global span of Space Ape’s teams and product, the fast-moving company was on the hunt for a translation management system (TMS) that would help them continue expanding their global gaming presence. Before investing in a localization technology, their main challenges and bottlenecks fell in a few primary areas of their localization workflows. Because of this, they searched for a localization technology that specifically had the following features:  

• Proper search strings feature

• Filters and strings ID display

• Well-performing autofill/matching features

• UI/UX and ease of use


The Space Ape team landed on Transifex as the top contender for localizing their mobile games,  given the platforms’ ability to accommodate their full gamut of localization needs — from Product and Management to Translators. Here are some of the team’s favorite features and aspects of the platform.

Filters & Clear ID Search: In a fast-paced industry like gaming, content is updated frequently and Transifex gives the Space Ape team the support it needs to display and search strings for easy access and reference. Specifically, Sabrina Colletta, Localization Manager at Space Ape Games, shares: “Being able to filter the strings by combining multiple options allows me to be up-to-date on the new content and to assign my Agents the right tasks, to search and find all the content that I need for providing them with references and for easily collecting all the strings that may need fixes in the source language with all their related content.”

 Translation Memory (TM), Translation History, Suggestions, and Glossary: These handy features make it easy to find references and elements to leverage during translation. They also become even more refined with scale, enabling consistency across languages and products. In practice, these features make localization managers’ lives far easier, as Sabrina details:

“As a localization manager, I value translation leverage, consistency and quality; these features like Suggestions, Glossary and TM allow me to reduce my Agents’ workload while helping them maintain consistency and quality. Thanks to Transifex features I could leverage my Agents’ workload so they can focus more on reviewing and quality. Overall, Transifex is an important element in the general quality process.”  

Ease of Use & Customer Support: Overall, Transifex fits the bill for Space Ape when compared to alternatives given its ease of use and customer support. Not only did the team find the platform easier to use and more complete in terms of features, but they found great support in the ability to send feedback and communicate directly. Simply put, Sabrina shares that they selected Transifex “because it is practical, complete, and easy-to-use.”


Before implementing a localization software, Space Ape used spreadsheets for localization. After implementing Transifex, Space Ape saw the immediate efficiencies:

• 90% resolution of inconsistencies and translation mistakes

• 80% of weekly content release leveraged

• 20% less time spent-on-file, compared to translations done-on-file

• Overall higher amount of work done per hour when compared to done-on-file  

“Being able to leverage the 80% of a weekly content release thanks to the content features it offers! A 2 hour work reduced to a 30 minute job :)”, noted Sabrina. 



  1. Needed a robust, scalable solution
  2. Searched for a practical, complete, and easy-to-use platform
  3. Required well-performing autofill/matching features


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