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Prezi Reaches 40 Million Global Users by Localizing into 9 Languages

"It is much easier than manually uploading or downloading 50 files one by one or emailing them to translators as attachments. That would be an absolute nightmare."
– Kalman Kemenczy, Director of Product











Dubbed the “PowerPoint killer,” Prezi surpasses the traditional slide-by-slide approach with presentations that tell a cinematic story. With such an great product, global adoption happened almost instantly – Prezi now has more than 40 million customers around the world. To support these global users, Prezi wanted to deliver high-quality localized content and products with the help of a hosted solution.

Business Needs

When Prezi first made the decision to localize their products, they tried a tool that had to be installed on their servers. But with a complex infrastructure – a Django based website, a product written in Flash, a desktop product that uses Adobe Air, and their mobile apps – the Prezi team knew they needed a hosted solution and didn’t want to invest the people or the machines to build or manage something themselves.


The ability to support a range of localization file formats was one of the key reasons the Prezi team was attracted to Transifex. Most of Prezi’s localization work revolves around their web app which uses the common localization .po file format, but they also have mobile apps for iOS (.strings), subtitles in YouTube videos (.sbv), and even infographics (.txt). “Transifex allows us to localize all of these and also be ready for future content that uses other file formats” says Kalman Kemenczy, Prezi’s Director of Product.

The Prezi team also believes that releases should be able to happen daily, at any time, without translations becoming a bottleneck. As a result, they utilize Transifex’s command line client to push / pull files as a batch to and from Transifex. “It’s up and running really quickly and saves our team a lot of time. It is much easier than manually uploading or downloading 50 files one by one or emailing them to translators as attachments. That would be an absolute nightmare.”


Adopting a continuous localization workflow, Prezi was able to launch in 9 languages with little to no manual efforts. As for expanding to other languages, Kalman shares, “Our plans for the future are a little fluid; we may add a few more languages later in the year. That’s another reason we picked Transifex — it gives us the flexibility to add more languages whenever we want.”


  1. Localizing website, Flash-based product, Adobe air desktop product, and mobile apps
  2. Needed a platform to avoid the time and cost investment of building their own solution
  3. Required support for a wide range of localization file formats
  4. Wanted flexibility to add more languages when ready to scale


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