Transifex & Oportun

Oportun Seizes a Multi-language Market Leadership Opportunity with Help from Transifex

Since 2005, Oportun has served as a financial lifeline for over 2 million members, particularly those in low-to-moderate-income communities without established FICO scores.


In this case study, we share how Oportun’s mobile version became one of the first fully bilingual fintech apps by leveraging Transifex’s robust API and automation capabilities.


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Oportun identified the strategic need to expand its customer engagement by incorporating localization into its previously English-only mobile app. This transformation was essential for Oportun to meet its commitment to providing accessible and inclusive financial services, thereby responding to the specific language needs of a large segment of its users. With no prior experience in localization for its mobile app, Oportun required an efficient and hassle-free solution to streamline the translation process, which is where Transifex comes in.

“Our app’s localization would be a non-starter without Transifex”
Justin Bruening
Senior Product Ops Manager, Oportun
  • Automated Workflows:  Advanced features like Machine Translation (MT) and Translation Memory (TM) minimized manual workload and helped ensure brand consistency through an integrated Glossary.
  • Streamlined Integration: Oportun integrated Transifex’s robust connectors and API with its tech stack to facilitate continuous content updates directly from repositories.
  • Advanced Management and Monitoring: Transifex’s platform and dashboards allowed for advanced control with real-time monitoring of translation activities and facilitated collaboration with automated notifications and reminders.
  • End-to-End Localization: Through its highly appraised network of partner translation agencies, Transifex was able to support and ensure faster localization, direct communication, and reliable translation processes.
“Transifex saves us weeks on our release cycles.”
Justin Bruening
Senior Product Ops Manager, Oportun

Oportun’s localization strategy helps open doors to potential new member subscriptions by making the company’s financially inclusive services even more available to millions of people. Thanks to Transifex’s ability to handle substantial projects without compromising efficiency or quality, Oportun’s mobile app was fully translated within a tight span of 6 months and is now one of the first to be fully bilingual in Spanish and English.


Success Snapshot:

  • Faster Releases
  • Faster go-to-market
  • Seamless Integration
  • Competitive Advantage
  • Reduced Translation Workload


Download the full version

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