Insightly Publishes 5 Languages in 6 Months for a 500% ROI

"We are very happy with Transifex, and it has helped us manage and streamline our localization processes."
– Raju Menon, VP Engineering










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Insightly is a simple to use yet powerful Customer Relations Management system designed for small businesses. With over 800,000 users in 100 countries, Insightly needed a way to translate content to attract new customers, while also improving the overall experience for current users. VP Engineering, Raju Menon, focused on leveraging technology to simplify his team’s workflow and deliver high-quality, localized versions of Insightly’s digital content.

Business Needs

Insightly has a WordPress website, an active blog, dynamic web and mobile apps, and content-heavy customer support knowledge bases. The Insightly team needed to translate all this content into multiple languages. They wanted to replace their “home grown” translation solution with a platform that was not only cost effective and easy to use, but would streamline the translation management process.


Transifex was selected for its ability to easily detect new content and track incremental translation changes, removing manual processes and thus freeing up time for Raju and his team. And because Transifex is modeled after popular source code repositories like Github, Raju felt it was a great platform for his software developers, while still being an easy to use platform with the right editing tools for his translators.

Here’s what Raju had to say about Insightly’s workflow with Transifex. “We use Transifex as a key part of our software localization process at Insightly. It’s integrated with our build servers so the system picks up new prompts to be translated as soon as new builds are pushed. Meanwhile, our language service providers have an easy time working with the materials we need translated.”


In six months, Insightly was able to ship localized versions of their website and web and mobile apps in Spanish, Portuguese, French, German, and Italian, immediately increasing their non-English speaking customer base by 10%. Today, Insightly sees 60% of their revenue from markets outside the US. As Insightly continues to expand the languages they support, few support tickets have come through about the translations themselves which Raju notes as a good indication of overall translation quality.


  1. Localizing website, blog, dynamic web and mobile apps, and knowledge base
  2. Needed to replace their “home grown” translation solution
  3. Required a cost effective solution that was also easy-to-use
  4. Wanted to remove manual processes to streamline the translation management process


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