Transifex & Celonis

Redefining Process Excellence Through Localization

Celonis’ innovative approach to process optimization has earned it a leadership position in the industry and a spot among the top 20 cloud companies. Through Celonis Academy, the education arm of Celonis, partners and clients around the world can become experts in process mining and optimization. The Academy offers award-winning online content, best-in-class instructor-led training, and goal-based training tracks coupled with hands-on courses.


Discover how Transifex addressed the localization challenges of Celonis Academy’s technical content, where every detail matters, with AI-powered efficiency and speed.


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Celonis needed a solution to provide highly accurate and scalable localized content to its growing international learner base. The team was used to traditional translation methods that depended on external translators and agencies. This approach introduced the expected delays and inconsistencies that typically occur in manual-intensive workflows.


More content was ready to be shared, but the cumbersome translation processes held them back. They needed a solution, and fast.

“It truly feels like we are one team with Transifex, working together towards a common goal.”
Senior Training Manager, Celonis

By selecting Transifex’s centralized localization hub, Celonis tackled translation challenges through AI-powered efficiency, seamless tech stack integration, and automated processes. Transifex’s robust connectors and intuitive interface allowed the team to quickly onboard and begin using Transifex for the front-end translation of their LMS in 5 languages, including translating the training material, exams, and guides. The AI & MT capabilities of Transifex, combined with brand-specific Glossaries and TM autofill, worked in tandem to provide an almost set-and-forget solution to the hurdles of multilingual localization.


Transifex became the key to scaling translations with advanced automations and tools, perfectly matching Celonis’s need for precise, technical, and on-brand content.

“Transifex has halved our time to market, significantly speeding up our processes.”
Senior Training Manager, Celonis

The use of a truly end-to-end localization hub enhanced Celonis’s reach across the globe. AI-powered workflows and seamless integration facilitated the comprehensive localization of Celonis Academy, in five languages.


Faster, context-aware translations and dynamic updates delivered human-quality content to Celonis’ global community. The result was a significant increase in customer and partner engagement, including up to 5x more course completions monthly and an overall boost in product adoption.


Celonis now handles all localization in-house, which is critical to maximizing the company’s impact, without external help.


Success Snapshot:

  • 2x Speed to Market: Transifex’s AI-powered localization hub enabled teams to respond faster to changing market needs.
  • 70% Reduction in Translation Turnaround Time: Streamlined processes and human-quality content at scale reduce translation times.
  • 5x Increase in Course Completions: Enhanced accessibility and engagement in localized training material, leading to increased product adoption.
  • Expanded Global Reach: Comprehensive localization in 5 languages, expanded market reach, and user engagement across diverse geographies.


Download the full version

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