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Tasos Agritelis
December 11, 2023
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Say goodbye to language barriers

Get ready for some exciting news! In today’s highly connected world, where businesses and people operate and expand globally, all eyes are on AI and its power to transform localization. To keep you ahead of the curve and focused on what you do best, we’re speeding things up with AI. Get set for a practical shift in how we approach localization. Say hello to Transifex AI!

Transifex AI isn’t a new feature, it’s a new chapter. It’ll get your business to a new level in localization. Join us on this journey where artificial intelligence meets localization.

Transifex debuts its AI-empowered translations after a successful closed beta program

In a recent milestone, we unveiled Transifex AI to a select group of users. Carefully testing the waters to ensure we’re creating something truly valuable and differentiated for you. Over 50 companies joined our closed beta program. 

Within just a few months, the results were nothing short of remarkable. Every day, we witnessed the translation of thousands of strings as our clients eagerly explored the capabilities of our latest development. Over 85% of these translations were not just validated as human quality but actively embraced in the localization process. Just under 10% of the AI-empowered translations were set aside by our users, highlighting the overwhelmingly successful integration of AI in our cutting-edge TMS platform. We’re thrilled to see these numbers and even more excited to place our solution at your fingertips. 

Human quality content from our people-powered AI engine: Fast and Effective

We’re introducing a completely new way to reach your global audience at scale. Transifex AI streamlines your workflow and enhances the localization process.

This is different than any other AI. Guaranteed. Here’s how: 

Speak in your voice with AI-empowered context-based translations

In industries filled with jargon and acronyms getting the context right is crucial. That’s why bringing AI into your localization process is a game-changer. AI dives into the context, using things like glossaries, to streamline and make your translations consistently accurate. Your translations sound authentic, more like your unique voice, rather than something churned out by a machine. Adopting AI for your translation process is your shortcut to translations that truly echo your brand voice and style. 

Security is at the forefront of our people powered AI engine

In our mission to eliminate language barriers, we ensure our AI models evolve with your data, upholding the highest security standards. We rigorously protect the confidentiality and integrity of your sensitive information, ensuring it is used responsibly in our top-tier, secure environment. This approach guarantees precise, human-like results for global communication, prioritizing the protection of your data in every step.

Scalability and speed with a platform built to manage even the most difficult workflows

Crafted with developers in mind, our cutting-edge platform is designed to not only meet your unique needs but to do so with unparalleled responsiveness and agility. Engineered to handle intricate workflows, our platform is dedicated to elevating localization to new heights. Now, we’re introducing greater flexibility, embracing true AI empowerment for speed, efficiency, and simplicity. 

Scalability in our system goes beyond the ordinary – no more copying and pasting into a Language Model (LLM). Our adaptive system embraces change, with Over-The-Air (OTA) translations staying in sync with evolving content. Recognizing the diverse origins of content, our integration library serves as a unifying force. We’re connecting content from various sources into a single hub aiming to create your only source of truth for localization.

And the game-changer? Our people powered AI engine. It’s not just about content. It’s about personalized, localized and human-quality content at massive scale. This breakthrough translates to swift responses to the dynamic needs of sales and marketing, envisioning a future where tailored, localized content is efficiently delivered to minimize time-to-market speeds at nearly real-time levels.

Final thoughts

As Transifex AI becomes your go-to for continuous localization, we’re excited about the transformative journey ahead. Your positive response in our closed beta fuels our desire to keep innovating. Get ready for a new era in localization excellence, as this is only the beginning.

Engage the world. 

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