Product Update: Figma Plugin – elevate your localization workflow

Angeliki Soltatou
July 13, 2023
2 min read

Starting localization early in the development process can save you a lot of time. With the Transifex Figma plugin, we bring localization into the design phase, empowering you to optimize your workflow from the start.

The new version of the Figma plugin allows seamless two-way communication between Figma and Transifex that keeps everything under control.

Pull source content and collaborate better:
Pull source content from Transifex directly into Figma, ensuring designers have access to the most up-to-date and localized content. This streamlines collaboration between Localization teams and designers, saving time and ensuring content accuracy.

Revamped pull functionality:
Now, when you select specific frames to pull in target languages, you have the choice to either pull them into the current page or create a new page with the selected frames only. This gives you full control over organizing your translated content.

Pushing content to Transifex made flexible:
Previously, pushing updated source strings would create new strings in Transifex. Now, when you push source updates made in Figma, the corresponding strings in Transifex will be updated, preserving the translation history.

By integrating Transifex as the central content management system, designers and Localization Managers can collaborate seamlessly, ensuring consistency and accuracy throughout the localization process. From pulling source content effortlessly to pushing updates with confidence, these enhancements are designed to save you time and improve your overall experience in Figma.

Read our documentation to learn more about how the Transifex Figma plugin works.

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