Announcing Transifex Live and our $2.5M round

Announcing Transifex Live and our $2.5M round
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Dimitris Glezos
June 24, 2014
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Today, we have two big, exciting announcements to share with you. We’re announcing Transifex Live, a brand-new JavaScript-based localization technology, and our $2.5M investment round led by NEA.

Transifex Live: Localize with one line of code

Nobody likes the hassle of internationalizing code or dealing with files – they make localization awfully painful. We built Transifex Live, a new technology that eliminates those things and helps you translate websites and online documentation with a single line of JavaScript.

Compared to traditional localization platforms, Transifex Live streamlines the process of collecting, translating and delivering the localized content. Inserting a line of JavaScript is easy, even for a non-technical user, and does not require technical re-configuration of your servers.

Here’s how it works in 3 simple steps:

Collect: Point Transifex Live to the URL of a page you want to translate. Transifex Live will load the page, parse it automatically, and highlight the translatable content. Click a “Collect” button and the strings will be saved to your project in Transifex automatically. And once you make the translations live, any future modifications on the page will automatically be collected by Transifex for you. Use our WYSIWYG editor or simple HTML tags to control which content gets localized.

Translate: Once the content is in Transifex, you can translate it using the classic Transifex methods – online editor, offline, order translations from a vendor. Or… you can use our new in-context translation editor. Translating in the in-context editor is as simple as clicking on a phrase, then typing in a translation. And as you translate, your translation replaces the original text, giving you a live preview of how the finished translation will appear on the page.

Publish: Upload the translations to our CDN and insert one simple line of JavaScript on whatever webpage you want translated. And just like that, your French users will see a French version of your website using JavaScript magic.

Transifex Live ruler

No more marking and extracting strings for translation. No more uploading / downloading files. No more waiting for the next deploy before translations go live. And because our CDN only delivers the translated text, no more giving up control of your page to someone else.

We’re very busy developing Transifex Live and making it ready for public availability. We’re opening up a beta for Transifex Live today to give out early access to the technology. Visit our Transifex Live page to request access to the Beta.

This leads us to our next announcement…

We raised a $2.5M seed investment round

Transifex has been growing organically without the need of external funding so far. This past year we’ve been growing very fast and have been fortunate to have some amazing customers who are trusting their whole go-global strategy to us. In addition, we built Transifex Live, which changes how we’re all thinking about localization. To further our vision of changing how products are launched to a global audience, expand the capabilities of Transifex, and offer the highest level of service to our customers, we decided to welcome some investors into our family.

We are proud to announce that we have raised $2.5M in seed funding led by New Enterprise Associates (NEA), with support from Toba Capital and Arafura Ventures. They are joined by angel investors Georgios Papadopoulos (founder of Atypon), Ilya Sukhar (founder of Parse), Jonathan Siegel (founder of RightSignature), Panos Kougiouris (previously Senior Director at Citrix), Paul Kenny (founder of Cobone), Sriram Ramachandran (founder of Niara), and Thanos Triant (angel behind Siebel and BrightEdge).

A BIG Thanks

Today marks a huge milestone in our company, and it’s just the beginning. We couldn’t have gotten here without the help of our partners, customers, and the developer and open-source community. Thank you! You guys are great.

Update: Wall Street Journal covered our story too: Transifex is Latest Translation Tech Startup to Draw Seed Investment.

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