Group Your Resources Together with Categories

January 14, 2014
2 min read

Happy New Year and best wishes for 2014, everyone!

We hope that you all had wonderful holidays full of joy and warmth.

Our team had its yearly meetup in Paris and, among other things planned, it’s now time to welcome the new year by announcing the replacement of Releases with Categories.

A releases was a group of resources. As such, you could include the same resource in more than just one group, and whenever some translation changed, all the releases would be updated accordingly.

Categories came to take their place, keeping this functionality along with an updated behavior as they are a kind of “labels” applied to a resource. For projects with many resources, categories are like an extra level of hierarchy. By grouping certain resources, every user is able to browse the ones he is interested in.

You can organize project resources into categories via the “Edit resource” page (Project > Resources > Resource > Settings). There can be multiple categories for each resource, as shown below, that group resources according to its content, context, or whatever differentiates it from other resources.

resource categories

You are able to view your resources categorized in all pages that show them and treat them accordingly.  What’s more, resources can be easily filtered by to existing categories.

The categories field is also accessible via our API.

resource categories filter

As simple as that.

More goodies are coming, stay tuned!

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