Easily localize all your digital content from start to finish

Transifex offers two solutions – File and Live.
File is suited for complex apps and other digital content, while Live is ideal for websites.

Find the solution that works best for you


File-based solution

A traditional approach to localization using files (e.g. PO files). It’s great for:

  • Developers with frequent updates
  • Automating your localization process
  • Content heavy sites and apps


JavaScript solution

A cloud-based approach to localization using a JavaScript snippet. It’s great for:

  • Marketers with little development help
  • Fast and simple localization
  • WordPress websites


API & command-line client

Transifex makes continuous localization possible. With our REST API, integrate Transifex with your development tools and systems so localization becomes a part of every app release or update. In addition to the API, Transifex’s command-line client lets you synchronize a large volume of files with Transifex using just a few simple commands.

Want to learn more about Transifex?

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