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Plans that scale with your localization needs

Whether you’re a startup or Fortune 500 company, we’ve got a plan for you.



per month billed annually

(OR $99/mo billed monthly)


STARTER includes:

  • Unlimited projects & files
  • Online Translation Editor
  • Transifex Live
  • Translation Memory
  • Glossary
  • Access to translation partners
  • Integrations with popular tools
  • Email support
10 collaborators, 50K hosted words



per month billed annually

(OR $249/mo billed monthly)


Everything in STARTER, plus:

  • Embedded Video Subtitle Editor
  • Translation Memory Groups
  • XLIFF format support
30 collaborators, 150K hosted words



per month billed annually

(OR $449/mo billed monthly)


Everything in STANDARD, plus:

  • Import/export Translation Memory
  • View Translation Memory leverage
  • Delete Translation Memory entries
30 collaborators, 300K hosted words

Advanced features & personal support for fast-growing companies



per month billed annually

(OR $900/mo billed monthly)


Everything in GROWTH, plus:

  • Priority Translation Memory
  • Crowdsourcing mode
  • Translation Reports
  • Priority email support
60 collaborators, 500K hosted words



per month billed annually

(OR $1,500/mo billed monthly)


Everything in ADVANCED, plus:

  • Dedicated Technical Account Manager
  • Initial setup assistance
  • Phone support
60 collaborators, 1M hosted words


Get in touch
for pricing


Everything in PRO, plus:

  • Implementation support and data migration
  • Weekly onboarding calls with a Transifex engineer
  • 99.9% uptime guarantee
Starting at 100 collaborators, 2M hosted words
Need more collaborators? Contact Us

Frequently asked questions

What are hosted words and how are they calculated?

Hosted words refer to the number of words in your projects across all the languages you’re translating to. If you’re translating 500 English words to 10 other languages, your total wordcount is 5,000, although Chinese, Japanese, and Korean are handled differently (read more here).

What is the difference between private and public projects?

When you create a project, you can specify whether it is private or public. A private project only allows access to those people you invite to view its contents. Public projects are viewable by any person that accesses the project page.

How can I translate my content?

You can do it in one of several ways: Invite your translators to Transifex, order translations from Transifex partners (e2f, Gengo, Lionbridge, and TextMaster), crowdsource translations with your user community, or even use machine translation. You can also use a combination of these methods across your various projects.

Are there any setup / cancellation fees or long term contracts?

Transifex has monthly and annual plans. There are no setup/cancellation fees. If at any point you do not wish to continue your subscription, simply cancel your subscription and you will not be billed again in the next cycle. We do not offer refunds for past payments.

I am a translator. How do I sign up?

Simply sign up for a free account here, pick the Translator role on the Welcome page, and you are ready to go!

How are collaborators calculated?

Collaborators are all the people involved with your translation projects on Transifex. This includes people from your company/organization, such as developers and project managers, as well as the translators and reviewers you work with. If you need more collaborators for your plan, please contact us.

How does the 15-day trial work?

When you sign up for the trial, you get free access to our Advanced plan with 500k hosted words. At the end of the 15 days, if you’d like to continue using Transifex, just enter your credit card info in the Subscription page in your organization’s settings and subscribe to a plan.

Can I change my plan at any time?

Yup! Just visit the Subscription page to upgrade or downgrade your plan at any time. If you are upgrading to a higher plan, you will be charged the prorated difference at the beginning of your next billing cycle. If you are downgrading, your subscription will be extended by the amount of funds credited in your account so far.

What forms of payment do you accept?

We accept a large number of credit cards, including Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express, and JCB. Payments are securely processed through Stripe.

What are the basic requirements to qualify as an Open Source account?

Although Transifex’s current source code is no longer available to the public to collaboratively develop, test and extend its functionality, we continue to maintain an “Open Source” program with the intent of supporting organizations that have no funding, revenue, and/or commercialization model. Our OS program also supports our technology partners with distributed teams and limited localization resources. To understand whether you qualify for our Open Source program, please contact us.

Have more questions?

Check out our documentation for more frequently asked questions, or send us a note through our contact form.

Want to learn more about Transifex?

Give Transifex a try with our free 15 day trial, or reserve a seat at our group demo for a tour of the platform's features.

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