How WishTrip fully adopted a non-interventional, continuous localization approach to achieve a 30% increase in user base

"Once we understood and adopted Transifex's principles for continuous localization, the implementation was straightforward and seamless."
– Eli Gross, VP of Product Architecture


    Jerusalem, Israel




    Travel & Tourism, SaaS Startup

WishTrip is a top-rated tourism experience management platform enabling tourist destinations to actively shape tourist experiences. Specifically, WishTrip was searching for a solution that would enable them to provide multilingual support for their two products — Wishtrip for Travelers (a B2C social media travel app) and WishTrip Enterprise (a B2B destination management platform).

Business Needs

WishTrip offers its international SaaS product across web, Android, and iOS platforms and wanted to make it available in 14 different languages — with the ability to translate customer content into many more. On top of this, WishTrip’s management and R&D departments were fully engaged in releasing the first versions of their products, and lacked the extra resources in-house to dedicate to localization. 

Given this, the company required a localization process that was “robust, efficient and stable to be able to focus on what we do best, and trust that our translation partner will function effectively without needing constant intervention,” shared Eli Gross, VP of Product Architecture at WishTrip.


Transifex was the first continuous localization platform that the WishTrip team used. They turned to Transifex after realizing it was both robust and versatile enough to easily implement and integrate with the company’s existing manifold development environments: 

“We chose Transifex because it is a leader in the field with experience in various solutions and environments. Once we understood and adopted Transifex’s principles for continuous localization, the implementation was straightforward and seamless. Transifex’s documentation and support are exceptionally useful and well organized. The system itself is powerful, scalable and robust. It works!” Eli stated. 

After the implementation, the WishTrip team designed a Transifex project for each of their products and environments. WishTrip set up a bi-directional continuous localization process between their VSTS development repositories and the Transifex platform. Then, they defined translators for each of their 14 target languages, giving them access to the system, and deployed the process. 

Today, after a year of using Transifex to localize WishTrip’s products across its various languages, Eli and the WishTrip team highlight some of their favorite features of the platform: 

#1 Project Organization: “The organization of the platform into projects, each with its own dashboard, really helps in categorizing the texts by context and managing the project.”

#2 Translation Interface: “The entire translation interface offering tabs for translated, untranslated and reviewed texts, suggestions, concordance and translation memory is very intuitive and efficient.”

#3 Continuous Localization: “Once the process is set up, localization becomes a truly continuous and flawless process. The texts that need translation are uploaded to the platform, the translators receive a notification and the translated texts flow back to our repositories. Everything flows seamlessly and smoothly.”

#4 Support: “The support team thinks out of the box. We had a situation with content snippets that were repeated between projects. The team suggested using a variation of translation memory. Although, we did not ultimately implement it, the support process was very positive.”


WishTrip was able to achieve all of its continuous localization goals and more with the use of Transifex. After launching 14 new languages in just one year, the team realized the following return on localization investment stats:  

• 60% increase in international users

• 30% increase in total user base

• 30% increase in lead conversion rate from new localized content

• 20% decrease in labor costs  

In summary, Eli shared, “Transifex was able to solve every one of our business needs. We were able to implement a robust continuous localization process relatively quickly. The process runs seamlessly on multiple projects with practically no maintenance needed. It just works!”


  1. Needed a robust, scalable solution
  2. Wanted an easy-to-integrate platform
  3. Wanted to make their content available in 14 different languages


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