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Seamless Global Product Launches with AI-Empowered Localization

Empower your global go-to-market strategy with efficient, cost-effective localization, ensuring brand consistency and engagement across all markets at unmatched speed
Reporting and insights
Enhance your project management with our intuitive dashboard, designed to provide real-time insights into your team's performance.

Easily track progress, anticipate and address bottlenecks before they disrupt workflow, all from a centralized platform.
Transifex Managers Dashboard
Asynchronous collaboration
Effortlessly manage permissions and control access across your team, from admins to project maintainers and translators, ensuring secure and appropriate access for every role.
Transifex Collaborators
Translation services
Collaborate with your dedicated in-house translation team or connect directly with leading language service providers, all from the convenience of your Transifex dashboard.

Utilize Transifex AI and experience a streamlined, cost-effective localization process that ensures your content resonates with global audiences. Significantly reduce costs for smaller projects with machine translation services such as Google Translate and DeepL.
Transifex Translation Vendors
Quality assurance tools
With Translation Checks, you can check each translation against a set of rules to make sure it won’t break your application when used. LexiQA is an online, API-based linguistic quality assurance tool for translation and localization.
Quality Assurance Tools Lexi QA

Have full control of your localization projects

Translate your content into any language and expand to new markets faster
Keep everything organized with robust integrations
The interface is very appealing. The number of features is very impressive. The customer support is above expectations. I'm happy that they implemented several features after receiving our requests. I also enjoy the visual context tool, smart TM, and suggestions.
Vladimir N., Head of Localization
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