How AI is Transforming Localization

Chris Tsolakis
February 1, 2024
4 min read

With the advent of AI and Machine Learning, a new approach has emerged in translation and communication: AI Localization

It’s about integrating AI into every aspect of translation and localization – from modifying measurement standards to tailoring video and graphic design. AI fills the gap between the increasing demand for content and the need for efficiency and personalization in an interconnected world.    

In this post, we’ll break down how AI impacts localization, making the whole process more efficient, accurate, cost-effective, and, ultimately, driving more revenue. 

Optimizing Localization Processes with GenAI

AI transforms the journey from internationalization (designing adaptable software) to localization (the actual adaptation). The integration of Machine Learning in localization workflows automates repetitive and time-consuming tasks without extensive manual work. 

Content can be swiftly transformed to match even the most underserved markets with minimal cost and effort. AI takes on the heavy lifting in translation and content adaptation, which human translators can then finesse. As AI continuously learns and takes more advantage of process data and your brand voice, accuracy and efficiency improve progressively, leading to faster turn-around times and even less reliance on human correction. 

AI vs Traditional Localization

Working with thousands of practitioners at many of the world’s leading companies gives Transifex a unique vantage point to observe the impacts and opportunities of AI and localization. Here is where we are witnessing AI Localization increasingly making an impact and how it compares with more traditional approaches. 

AI vs. Traditional Localization comparison

Measuring Success with AI Insights

With AI at the helm, your business benefits from a measurable impact in terms of enhanced quality, accelerated delivery, and optimized costs, steering you towards a globally resonant, data-informed content approach.

It simplifies tracking ROI, identifying improvement areas, and finding the most effective tactics based on user engagement and feedback loops. This process makes it easier to reach different audiences more quickly and build genuine connections. Leveraging these insights and metrics can bring you closer to a global strategy with maximum impact that aligns well with your audience preferences. 

AI For Every Localization Approach

Localization needs to be adaptable. With AI, you can choose an approach that suits your project best:

  • Waterfall: Ideal for regulation-heavy projects, with AI ensuring compliance.
  • Agile: AI assists in rapid iterations for dynamic projects.
  • Continuous: Perfect for apps and websites, with AI enabling swift updates.

No matter how complex or advanced your workflow is, AI can easily be integrated to improve processes based on your localization needs. 

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Human-Quality Translations Through AI

Translation is the foundation, turning words from one language to another. AI-enhanced localization goes further, employing advanced algorithms in different translation stages using hyperlocal and contextual data to create highly personalized experiences.

Through continuous learning combined with human oversight, AI-powered systems can constantly refine their translation capabilities to produce human-quality and truly inclusive content for people across the world. 

Why most AI platforms don’t cut it

AI-driven translation hinges on the quality of input data, including context, tone, and specific terms. Precise, relevant, and unbiased datasets define how well LLMs can interpret and convert content for different regions. Even the most powerful and popular LLMs often miss the mark when it comes to precision because of these reasons. 

Advanced AI-powered systems, like Transifex, address this issue with context-aware output based on tailored resources, like specific glossaries, past translations, and other relevant data. 

The result: human-quality accurate translations in your unique voice.

Transifex: Your AI-Empowered Localization Hub

Transifex harnesses AI to offer an end-to-end localization hub for all content types and formats. Whether it’s for different languages, resources, or aspects of your software, AI streamlines the process, ensuring that each project is perfectly adapted to its intended audience.

This is different than any other AI or translation management system (TMS). Unlike other solutions, Transifex AI is deeply woven into the platform, not just a nice UI layered on ChatGPT.

 Here’s how:

  • Context-based translations and content tailored to your voice 
  • Security at the forefront of AI processes
  • Scalability and speed, even for the most advanced workflows
  • Unified content hub for all teams to collaborate with ease

Start Your Localization Journey

Wrapping up, remember that the true power of AI lies in its thoughtful application. By measuring its impact, refining strategies, and fostering a synergy between technology and human expertise, we can propel toward a future where every voice is heard, and every message connects, regardless of language boundaries.

Don’t miss out on the AI evolution in localization. 

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