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What is the Transifex AI beta program?
Beta access offers an exclusive opportunity to experience the power of AI from within Transifex before its official launch. Beta users will get early access to this new feature, and their valuable feedback will help shape its evolution.
Who is eligible for access?
Our beta program is open to all customers. Applicants should be aware that there is no guarantee of being selected to participate. To ensure a high-quality experience for all Beta participants, only a limited number of customers will be chosen.
Is it free?
Yes, the feature is free for all participants throughout the beta period.
In what ways will my data be utilized?
Our AI solution has been built on top of OpenAI models, so their API data usage policies apply. In a nutshell, only the source content and translation will be processed - Any data submitted from Transifex will not be used for other purposes (model training, etc).
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