Leveraging Localization as a means to increase the conversion rates for the non-english speaking geographies

"Transifex makes it effortless for our dispersed team of web engineers, SEO, campaign managers and content marketers to manage the entire localization process."
- Aniruddh Jain, Performance Marketing Lead at VWO







VWO is an A/B Testing, Experimentation, and Conversion Rate Optimization tool. The various products and features offered by VWO allow brands to understand visitor behaviour, translate their observations to hypotheses, test them on either front-end or server side, deploy the winning variations, and further engage their audiences through push notifications and Facebook Messenger. 2,500+ brands from 90+ countries use VWO to improve their website experience and efficiency, which drives revenue growth.

Business Needs

VWO was looking to increase the conversion rates for the non-english speaking geographies. For Siddhartha Kathpalia, Senior Product Marketing Manager at VWO and the rest of the marketing team, it’s of paramount importance to continuously optimize their marketing campaigns and efforts. 

The VWO marketing team kickstarts the localization project by analysing data regarding countries that might be suffering due to non-translated pages. For this, they look at evidence of significant ability to drive traffic but poor conversion rates. Once they have the countries/ languages finalized, they look at which marketing campaigns and landing pages they wish to target with their localization project. 

The VWO marketing team turned Transifex for this project mainly for the below-mentioned reasons:

  • – the VWO engineering team was already familiar with Transifex as they had worked with it before
  • – the pricing plans have “No lock-ins” as Siddhartha notes
  • – flexibility to either work with external translation vendors or with their own ones
  • – useful features including Translation memory, Machine Translation and WordPress Integration


As Aniruddh explains “Our strategy is to always start low. We pick two to three countries and monitor the progress. If we see significant progress in terms of Conversion rate and time spent on page, we continue expanding to additional languages, too.” The localization efforts at VWO are managed by a mixed team including web engineers, SEO, campaign managers and content marketers.

Some of the VWO’s preferred features are:


Leveraging the power of continuous localization, the VWO marketing team has been able to get key pages translated in a streamlined and scalable way with the tech stack they’re already using. This resulted in improved conversion rates, and, ultimately, sales; the ultimate ROI for any marketing team. 


  1. Localizing landing pages and marketing campaigns.
  2. Wanted to automate the localization management process to ensure fast and consistent translations.
  3. Looked for a tool that could be used by marketers without extensive IT skills.


Use transifex to localize your app and access new markets


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