Vida Health & Transifex

Vida Health localizes in 12 Weeks and becomes the first localized platform in their category

Vida Health Provides virtual care for mental and physical health. To be more specific, they help members prevent and manage chronic conditions through one-to-one coaching. Conditions range from anxiety and depression to type 2 diabetes, asthma, and many more. Vida Health has you covered. 

Business Needs

Localization was a completely new process to Vida Health. They needed a way to translate all of their content into Spanish.

Continuous localization was also a big issue, since any evidence-based health information updated in English needed to be constantly reflected in Spanish translations.

Both the backend code and the actual content are constantly changing, which is why an agile Translation Management System such as Transifex proved to be invaluable for Vida Health.

Vida Health urgently needed a TMS to localize efficiently and continuously; without having to manually export content time and time again – all through a centralized platform.

Vida Health
"Vida was trying to implement localization for the first time, a completely new workflow. We needed a way to translate all of our CMS content."
Elisa Orellana
Localization Manager of Vida Health

Vida Health is now localizing their app, all of their content, email campaigns, legal documents, customer support articles, as well as a wide variety of messages for their members with Transifex.

Source content updates and additions are being done constantly – which means that any tools that help with continuous localization are a must-have.

In this case, Transifex is not just about offering the right tools. It’s also about acting as a platform that can accommodate both the internal localization team which makes the final reviews as well as the external vendors that Vida Health is using for translations.

As far as features and integrations are concerned, Vida Health particularly likes using the Translation Memory functions and the GitHub Integration. And it’s not just about TM auto fill-ups. TM also proved to be useful for content and budget management, as well as project management as a whole. 

To be more specific, TM leverage and word leverage, in particular, helps Vida Health get a better understanding of how much they can save and how much the final cost is estimated to be. And, thus, allocating a budget becomes a much easier task. 

"Because we continuously change, improve and add content, the app is always growing, and we needed a continuous integration between our back-end code and Transifex"
Elisa Orellana
Localization Manager of Vida Health

Connecting all of the projects to one TM creates a massive translation database. That makes it easier to check on translated content, reuse words, change terms, and manage content, in general.

On average, Vida saves 15-25% a month on translation costs by leveraging the content that already exists in the translation memory the team has been consistently feeding over the last year.

Vida Health is now the first major platform in their category to launch a complete Spanish solution. Thanks to that, they’ve been able to successfully create a market for themselves as employers and insurance providers are seeking out a virtual chronic condition management tool!

In Elisa’s words: “Transifex has been an invaluable partner in our localization effort. We couldn’t have done it without you.”

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