Odoo & Transifex

Odoo Makes the Switch to Transifex in a Matter of Days and Localizes in 50 Languages

Odoo was founded in 2005 with the goal of offering software that’s easy to use, yet solves complex needs.

Today, they are counting more than 1700 employees, 3500+ partners, and more than 7 million users!

Odoo offers 30 regularly updated applications that you can use to manage the various departments of your business, from sales to services, to even finances and building websites.

In this case study, Cecile Collart, Outbound Marketing & Trademark Manager at Odoo, shares the story of how they are now managing translations with ease and efficiency, by using Transifex and its API!

Business Needs

Before Transifex, the Odoo team was managing translations and most things related to localization by using Launchpad. And Launchpad may be great for things such as bug tracking and coding, but it’s not ideal for localization.

After switching from Launchpad to GitHub, Odoo needed a tool to optimize their translations. They needed something more robust for localization with features such as Translation Memory, glossaries, team management tools, etc, which is where Transifex comes in!

"I love the close matches in the suggestions, translation memory, different levels of authorization with the translators, and syncs."
Cecile Collart
Outbound Marketing & Trademark Manager, Odoo

Odoo switched from their traditional localization methods to Transifex in just a matter of days and immediately started localizing their platform in all of its various aspects.

To be more specific:

  • Team management: Every coordinator performs quality assurance in their own way by using the built-in review tools, which means there is no need of imposing a standard process/framework
  •  Workflow automation: The Odoo team publishes new content on Transifex every time a new version of the Odoo app comes out. The translators automatically see this and, thus, the whole release process is automated, without coordinators having to manually communicate everything
  • Content sync: By using the Transifex API and the GitHub integration, everything effortlessly stays in sync between the two platforms
  • Efficiency: Odoo quickens their operations and ensures that they can translate in multiple languages not only thanks to the built-in editor, but also thanks to tools such as Translation Memory
"It allows us to move forward a lot faster and to involve our community of users, partners, clients and staff. We are able to keep several versions of our software Odoo translated in dozens of languages!"
Cecile Collart
Outbound Marketing & Trademark Manager, Odoo

All of the points mentioned above result in a straightforward workflow, that everyone in the team can easily understand and work with.

Projects are uploaded onto the platform with every new Odoo version, translators step in to request languages and start working with coordinators overlooking quality assurance, and the progress goes live with a sync every weekend.

Odoo does that with around 50 languages, all at the same time, to ensure that every single one of their customers get the best experience in their native language!

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