MSI & Transifex

MSI Uses Transifex to Localize Marketing Campaigns into 10+ Languages

MSI is a world leader in gaming and one of the most trusted names in gaming and eSports. With branch offices across six continents (the Americas, Europe, Europe, Australia, and South Africa) and a global gaming presence in over 120 countries, MSI required a translation management software that would enable their international team to collaborate and expand their global presence. Specifically, MSI had a worldwide marketing staff localizing their content, which required extra coordination to localize ontime everything from blogs to campaigns.

Business Needs

Due to the internationally spread out nature of the MSI team, localization always required a lot of time. As a result, their localization processes without the use of a collaborative localization tool like Transifex always resulted in ineffective localization processes that led to delayed launch times.

Prior to Transifex, the MSI team never used a localization platform and only translated manually with translation agencies. This, coupled with their global team, meant that it would take a lot of time to communicate with other localization team members. As MSI searched for a solution, time cost was the largest business challenge for which they were trying to solve.

“If content like campaign landing pages or blog articles must be published on time, we usually use Transifex to shorten lead time for campaign project owners and translators.”
Lucas Wang
Marketing Director, MSI

After implementing Transifex, MSI saw an immediate enhancement in their global team’s communication efficiency. The Transifex platform enabled all MSI staff and translators to easily communicate with one another, correct translations, and provide translation notes — all directly from one central platform. Here’s a few of the MSI team’s favorite features and aspects of the Transifex platform:

  • Shortened Lead Times: “If content like campaign landing pages or blog articles must be published on time, we usually use Transifex to shorten lead time for campaign project owners and translators. Project owners can produce content in English as default and then easily deliver to translation vendors on Transifex for localization,” shared Lucas Wang, Digital Marketing Directorat MSI.
  • Friendly UI: With the platform’s user-friendly interface, team members do not have to spend time figuring out how things work and instead can focus their time on producing quality localized content.
  • Easy Access to Translation Agencies: With the Transifex platform, MSI no longer needs to contract agencies separately – they can get in touch with them directly from the platform.
  • Progress Tracking & Online Collaboration: Team members find it particularly helpful to be able to see translation progress of each language, and the automated updates on progress to campaign owners.

With the use of Transifex, the MSI team was able to launch 10 new languages for campaign execution in a very short lead time. To reach new markets, the MSI team continues to leverage Transifex to produce local blog articles that have then translated into a noticeable increase in organic traffic. The team is now experimenting with the use of Transifex to deploy other similar types of local SEO-oriented content to continue driving organic global traffic to their sites.

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