CoinGecko & Transifex

CoinGecko Uses Transifex to Localize With The Whole Team Under a Centralized Platform

CoinGecko provides a fundamental analysis of the crypto-currency market. In addition to tracking price, volume, and market capitalization, CoinGecko also tracks community growth, open source code development, major events, and on-chain metrics.

Business Needs

CoinGecko was one of the first cryptocurrency websites to translate languages beyond English back in 2015. Since then, they’ve been maintaining a strong presence in the less competitive, non-English markets, on various search engines. For the CoinGecko team, building a global presence without localization and the right translation tools was tough. 

Now, CoinGecko is translating their website as well as their mobile application into 20 different languages. But before switching to Transifex, things were much more challenging and time-consuming. They used to manage and update their translation strings onto their application by using Google Sheets, which gets really messy when you start working on multiple languages. 

Transifex customers
"Getting translators to work on the Google Sheets and having questions clarified became troublesome."
Bobby Ong
Co-founder & COO of CoinGecko

The CoinGecko translation team consists of their internal staff, freelancers, and external vendors. Therefore, a centralized translation management system is very much needed not only to store and use translations in one place, but also to facilitate a straightforward communication among the teams. The localization process, for example, has been simplified.

Now, when they have a new page on CoinGecko designed, they push the source strings to Transifex. Then they get their internal staff, freelancers, and external vendors to do the translations within the Transifex platform. And once that’s done, they import the translated strings back to CoinGecko website/app.

CoinGecko localization
"Our translators ask questions in Transifex when they are unsure of the translation string for further clarification, which speeds up the whole translation process. Especially for CoinGecko where they update their source content once every couple of weeks."
Bobby Ong
Co-founder & COO of CoinGecko

As Bobby says “Transifex solves the management of translation strings and also the management of multiple translators. Moreover, Transifex’s Translation Memory is useful for translating  fewer words – which results in cost reductions from external vendors”. 

After switching to Transifex, CoinGecko streamlined their localization process. Today, they’ve built a strong localization team, which has its own KPIs, such as the percentage of text translated. 

Bobby notes “Transifex has been fundamental in helping CoinGecko scale our presence to over 20 languages. With Transifex, it is easy to manage thousands of translation strings and onboard new translators to assist with our translation efforts. Translating our website and app has helped us scale and serve a global audience.”

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