The Business Reasons Behind Localization

Lucy Xu
June 11, 2019
4 min read

A common misconception is that translation of your content should not be an immediate priority. Oftentimes, this leads businesses to put localization in the backlog until a ‘better time’ comes along to assess its potential. However, it is not a coincidence that nearly three-quarters of Fortune 500 companies actively invest in localization to expand globally and drive revenue from international markets.

While a range of other business goals may take priority, it is important to note that often times these goals may actually be more quickly achieved and better supported with localization. In fact, both your business priorities and localization initiatives are best run alongside one another.

Read on as we break down the key business reasons behind why top companies are investing in localization.

1. Increasing Revenue

We get it — it doesn’t make sense to invest resources in a business decision that won’t bring you back return. That’s why first on the list is the fact that companies see increased revenue from localization efforts. Why? Studies have found that nearly half of consumers will not purchase products from a website that is in a foreign language. So, by translating content, businesses will drive more engagement from their international audiences… and ultimately, conversions to purchase.

 2. Driving Marketing & Awareness Abroad

Customers feel more affinity towards the brands that they feel know them best. More specifically speaking, the companies that have shown through their marketing and interactions that they know them and their specific needs best. An effective way to start expressing and showing this to consumers in new markets is, quite simply, speaking their language. Start by adapting your website to the local market, to show your consumer base that you are truly invested in the local culture and community.

 3. Enhancing Your Product, Seamlessly

Outside of marketing and business reasons, localization is also a vital component of product building and enhancement. A common misconception is viewing software localization as a large task that is isolated from the actual product, and one that only needs to be handled during the final stages of a product release. However, integrating localization and translation management should happen from the early stages of your product and site development, and can be done seamlessly. With tools like today’s translation management technologies, you can now easily automate product localization at every step of the way and translate content as quickly as you create it.

4. Building Customer Relationships & Loyalty

From the above, it’s clear that translating and localizing content helps give your customers the comfort and ease of interacting with your company and products in their native language. And beyond their first purchase decision with your company, studies show that 74% of people would be more likely to make another purchase if post-sales support was available in their language. So, localizing your content your content not only shows your customers that you value their culture and geography, but also makes it easier for them to get the information they need to make an informed decision

5. Taking Control of Your Global Brand Message

Your company has invested valuable time, energy, and money into the content that you are building – from your website, to your blog posts, to all the consumer touchpoints in between. When you don’t take the time to localize your content, the messaging that you have worked so hard to carefully craft now falls prey to the generic auto-translation tools in your international visitors’ browsers. To make sure your message is not left open to misinterpretation, make sure you properly translate your content so your target audience understands your brand message, but even more importantly, your values and solutions.

Long story short, top companies understand the power of localization for business growth. Whether you are a large corporation or early-stage startup, localization is a worthy investment that will help augment your current product and operations, and open up new business opportunities.

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