In the COVID-19 era, one region that has garnered an increased amount of business interest is Asia. In fact, in the APAC region alone, Accenture reports projections of exponential digital- and commerce-driven growth in the foreseeable future. Specifically, by 2022, the world should expect to see the following rise in a number of the key drivers of APAC digital commerce growth:

  • 2.5 billion internet users
  • 3.5 billion mobile connections
  • 388.2 million new consuming households
  • 444 billion USD invested into digital transformation technology

As a result, savvy global companies are seeing this as an increased opportunity to actively engage in efforts that will not only multiply their online business locally but also try to capture some market share from rising markets like China. This guide can help you get started with localization in Asia and outlines what you need to avoid when breaking into this new region.

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