transifex zendesk integration

Zendesk Integration

Streamline your translation workflow and easily send articles and dynamic content between both platforms.
The Transifex Zendesk integration has transformed Lightspeed’s Help Center localization into an easy, seamless process. After one year of use, coordination time has reduced by 50%. In the past three months only, translation memory leveraging, made possible by the integration, has cut our costs by almost 30%.
Adélie Pigot, Localization Project Manager
The Transifex Zendesk integration is a no-brainer: the setup is super easy, the localization process is seamless and fast yet offers flexible settings which allow me to control our product quality. A big winner for me is the ability to support multiple Zendesk subdomains. Additionally, for publishing localized versions automatically right after translation, with multiple languages, I rely on the Transifex Zendesk integration.
Hiromi Makino, Sr. International Program Manager

How the Transifex Zendesk Integration works

The easiest way to keep your Zendesk content continuously localized.
The Transifex Zendesk integration has made Discogs’ translation process much smoother. What previously felt like a very manual process between two systems now feels like an integrated step within one platform. The tool was easy to learn how to use and has considerably sped up the translation process, which allows the support team to publish help documents sooner.
Discogs Community Support Team
Users love localizing with Transifex
Users love localizing with Transifex
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