Onshape Uses Transifex to Localize and Publish Multilingual Content to Grow in APAC Region

Transifex Helps Onshape’s APAC Marketing Team Increase Lead Generation in Taiwan by 500% in Three Months










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Onshape is the first and only full-cloud 3D CAD system that lets everyone on a design team work together using any web browser, phone, or tablet. Launched in early 2015, the next generation CAD platform company had early success using internal processes to localize its marketing and product content. However, it was its expansion into the Asia Pacific region in early 2016 that led the company to strategically adopt a more agile workflow to publish multilingual content.

In 2016, Onshape started using Transifex’s cloud-based translation management platform and said goodbye to their former tedious and manual efforts, resulting in a successful APAC launch and lead generation efforts in the region.

Business Needs

In early 2016, Onshape prioritized two APAC markets: Taiwan and Korea. Working with local teams on the ground in those countries, the Onshape marketing team decided to focus on localizing content, including their videos, website and emails.

Evaluating various localization workflows, Onshape needed a solution that was agile, robust, and met the unique needs of their marketing and product teams: marketing required a solution compatible with their internal CMS platform; product was looking for a central repository with a strong API.

Solutions and Business Results

#1 Localize Marketing Content and Support CMS

Transifex supported Onshape’s marketing team as they developed a workflow that ensured compatibility with their CMS platform (Hubspot).

By implementing Transifex Live, a feature that enables individuals and teams to publish translations without the need of files or engineering dependencies, Onshape now has an agile localization tool. Continuously and in context, the Onshape marketing team can save, review, and translate website content.

“Once I embed that snippet of code, I’m good to go. I don’t have to wait for someone to go back and retranslate it, which can sometimes take a two-day turnaround,” explained Daniel Murphy, Onshape’s marketing manager. “As a smaller marketing team, Transifex Live provides the agility we need to quickly build out assets and execute our campaigns.”

The business result? With Transifex Live, Onshape’s marketing team is now able to deploy new translations that has significantly reduced go-to-market time within the APAC region.

“Lead generation is up 500% in Taiwan just 3 months after implementation,” said Murphy. “Transifex has given us the tools to make rapid deployment truly possible.”

#2 Provide Product Team a Robust API and Central Repository

Onshape’s product team was able to take an agile approach using Transifex’s file-based solution, which provides a robust API for automating translations. Designed to expose as much of functionality as possible, Transifex’s extensive API makes it easy to integrate Transifex with a customer’s existing tools.

“We easily integrated calling Transifex’s REST API into our existing CI process,” said James Morgan, Onshape’s principle engineer. “We automatically push new resources to Transifex and pull the latest translations in over half a dozen languages and formats to generate builds for our web and mobile platforms continuously, 24×7.”

The business result? The Onshape product team is now able to publish multilingual content more quickly and effectively. Plus, we met the requirement of a centralized global repository was met to keep the teams organized and collaborative.


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