How to Check Google Ranking in Other Countries Fast & Easy

Chris Tsolakis
May 9, 2024
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To win the global search game, you need to know where you stand. This article will explain all the different ways you can check Google results and rankings in other countries and how to customize your search outcomes.

Let’s dive in!

Why Check Google Ranking in Other Countries?

Checking your Google ranking in other countries is important for several reasons. Firstly, it allows you to understand how your website is performing in specific international markets. This is particularly important if you are targeting specific keywords or have a global market presence.

By knowing your rankings in different countries, you can identify areas where you may need to improve your website’s visibility and organic traffic.

Secondly, checking your Google ranking in other countries helps you identify opportunities for growth and expansion. If you notice that your website is ranking well in certain countries, you can focus your SEO efforts on those markets to further enhance your online presence and attract more targeted traffic.

Lastly, monitoring your Google ranking in other countries enables you to stay competitive in the global market. By keeping track of your rankings, you can analyze the performance of your competitors in different countries and adjust your SEO strategies accordingly.

How Google Search Results Vary by Location

Location plays a crucial role in shaping the search results you see on Google. Because Google aims to provide highly relevant and localized content, it adjusts what you find based on where you are searching.

This means that a user looking up “best pizza places” in New York will see different results from someone doing the same search in Chicago. The variation ensures that users get information that is not only pertinent but also respects local laws and cultural norms.

For businesses and marketers aiming to reach audiences in specific parts of the world, understanding this localization process becomes essential. Strategies for international SEO must consider how country-specific Google searches can influence visibility online.

For instance, employing tools like Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) or adjusting one’s search settings can offer insights into how web pages rank across different locations. This approach helps tailor marketing efforts more effectively by aligning with location-based search trends and preferences, ultimately driving better engagement from target demographics worldwide.

Techniques to View Google Search Results for Different Countries

Discovering how to view Google search results from other countries opens up a treasure trove of insights for your SEO strategy. This guide walks you through simple yet powerful techniques such as tweaking your keyphrases, diving deep with Google Advanced Search, changing your digital location with VPNs, and peeking into future trends using the Google Ads Preview Tool.

Master these methods to tailor your content and reach audiences worldwide more effectively.

Localizing Your Keyphrase

Localizing your keyphrase means adjusting your search terms to fit the region you’re targeting. This switch helps Google understand that you want results from a specific area, not just general information. For instance, adding “&near=city_name” to your search can help focus on that city’s results. However, this method does not always hit the mark because other factors also guide Google’s decisions on what results to show.

Adapting your keywords for a local audience is essential, but it can be time-consuming to do manually, especially when targeting multiple countries. This is where AI-powered localization platforms like Transifex excel.

Transifex utilizes AI to create instantly SEO-optimized content tailored for different markets. This includes ensuring translated and localized content is well-structured, uses relevant keywords, and aligns with search engine best practices for the target region. These powerful features enhance your website’s visibility and traffic across diverse markets, making Transifex a critical tool for businesses aiming to optimize their online presence worldwide.

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Conducting a Google Advanced Search

To conduct a Google Advanced Search to check Google search results by country, you first head over to the Google homepage. Then, look for the settings option, which usually sits at the bottom right corner of your screen.

Click on it and select “Advanced search.” Here, you can fill in details such as key phrases related to what you’re searching for and specify the region or country where you want to see results.

This method allows you to fine-tune your search criteria and get precise results without having to leave your location.

In this advanced section, there’s an area labeled “region” where you input the specific country whose Google rankings interest you. For example, if looking into how well a site performs in Australia, select Australia from this list.

You’ll see pages that are more relevant in that selected location. Making use of these filters sharpens your ability to analyze Google’s ranking in different countries directly from any spot around the world with internet access.

Using a VPN for the Search

Using a VPN is like getting a fast pass to view search results as if you are in another country. It changes your internet address to make it seem like you’re browsing from anywhere you choose.

This trick lets you check Google rankings in other countries easily. For marketers and SEO experts, this method shines by showing exactly how websites rank globally without leaving your desk.

Set up a VPN on your device, select a server location matching the country whose Google search results interest you, and start searching right away. This approach ensures accurate insights into international Google searches without stepping onto a plane.

Moving forward, exploring the Google Ads Preview Tool opens up even more possibilities for refining your search strategy.

Utilizing the Google Ads Preview Tool

The Google Ads Preview Tool proves invaluable for those wanting to check Google’s ranking in other countries. This service lets users set specific criteria such as location, language, and the type of device they’re using.

With these settings adjusted, it provides a visual snapshot of where your site stands in search outcomes across various regions. This means you can see how viewers from different parts of the world view your website without leaving your desk.

This tool is not just for advertisers but also offers deep insights into SEO strategies aimed at global markets. You can fine-tune your content and keywords based on real search results from other locations.

It’s an effective way to gain a competitive edge in international Google searches without needing additional software or complex steps like using VPNs or proxy servers.

Advanced Methods for Checking Country-Specific Rankings

To really pinpoint your website’s performance around the globe, advanced tactics can provide a clearer picture. Entering exact latitude and longitude coordinates into Google Chrome’s Web Development Tools brings location-specific insights right to your screen.

For those aiming to get precise data without much hassle, various third-party instruments offer detailed reports on how keywords rank in different nations. These software solutions come with features tailored for professionals seeking granular control over their search engine optimization (SEO) strategies, making it easier than ever to monitor your global stance from one dashboard.

Entering Latitude and Longitude through Google Chrome’s Developer Tools

Accessing Google Chrome’s Developer Tools is a straightforward way to check Google search in other countries. First, right-click on any webpage and choose “Inspect” to open the Developer Tools panel.

This action will bring you into an area where you can simulate various web browsing conditions.

Inside the Developer Tools window, find and click on the three-dot menu located at the top right corner. Select “More tools” followed by “Sensors.” Here, you can enter specific latitude and longitude details to simulate searching from another location.

This method is perfect for seeing your website’s rank across different geographic areas without needing to physically be there.

Employing Third-Party Tools

Using third-party tools, like SEO Minion, helps you check Google search results in different countries and find precise information on keywords and how well they perform across various locations.


If you are a website owner, you can also use  Google Search Console, without depending on external tools or extensions. This way, you can monitor how your content performs worldwide without needing paid tools. You can easily adjust settings to see rankings and metrics for specific regions or nations.

This option provides a direct look into how Google views your site from multiple perspectives around the globe, making it easier to identify areas for improvement or success spots in foreign markets.

Using SEO Tools with Location-Specific Rank Trackers

Moving from third-party tools, SEO software with location-specific rank trackers offers a more direct approach. These programs let you monitor your site’s performance in searches across different countries without leaving your desk.

You enter the keywords and select the desired country, and the tool does the rest. It tracks where your webpage lands in search results for any given area.

These SEO platforms can identify trends and show how changes to your content or strategy affect rankings over time. This way, you get a clear picture of what works and what doesn’t for reaching audiences in specific locales.

Tools like SEMrush or Ahrefs are examples that specialize in these insights, providing detailed reports on international performance metrics.


Discovering how your website ranks in various global locations opens up a world of opportunities for targeted marketing and SEO efforts. With tools like VPNs, Google’s Ad Preview Tool, and advanced search techniques, you can peek into search outcomes from different corners of the earth.

Optimize Your Global SEO with Transifex AI

While it’s important to monitor and consult different tools for insights into your global SEO rankings, you’ll need localization if you want to expand your content’s reach with ease.

Transifex’s AI-powered localization hub helps you create and deliver SEO-optimized, culturally adapted content across any language and location. Simply connect your website to Transifex and globalize your content in real-time with a no-code automatic process.

Ready to engage the world? Start your free trial today and experience the difference AI-powered localization can make for your international search rankings!


1. What does it mean to search Google by country?

Searching Google by country means you customize your search results to see how they appear in different countries, giving you insight into google other countries’ search outcomes.

2. How can I see Google search results for other locations?

To view Google search results from another location, use the settings in Google Search Tools to select a specific country or manually change your location setting.

3. Is it possible to check Google rankings from different countries without using a VPN?

Yes, you can check Google results from different countries and see country-specific results without using a VPN by adjusting the settings on your Google Search page or using specialized online tools designed for this purpose.

4. Why would someone want to perform a google search in a different country?

Performing a google search from another location allows marketers and businesses to understand better how their website ranks in various regions and tailor their content strategy accordingly.

5. Can I customize my searches so that I only get country-specific Google Search results?

Absolutely! By customizing your searches through google’s advanced settings, you can ensure that your searches yield google country-specific results tailored just for the region of interest.

6. How do international companies benefit from searching with google in different countries?

International companies gain valuable insights into local market trends, customer preferences, and competitive landscapes by conducting searches as if they were located within those markets – all crucial factors for tailoring marketing strategies effectively.

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