GitLab+Transifex= DevSecLoc Ops. That’s a lot of Ops.

Haris Syntyhakis
June 13, 2023
2 min read

One of the many reasons developers love GitLab is its ability to provide one unified data store that can be accessed by multiple applications. With GitLab, DevOps and SecOps capabilities can be managed from one place, which can greatly enhance productivity. 

Like GitLab, the benefits of localization are hard to debate. This is especially true at product-led growth companies, where opening additional markets with a localized, accessible application can dramatically accelerate a product’s growth velocity. 

Too often localization is a disparate process that’s addressed as an afterthought. This approach can compromise content quality and consistency, and greatly delay market expansion. 

That’s why Transifex likes to think about LocOps – the agile approach to continuous, integrated localization. A cornerstone of LocOps is the seamless flow of code and content between our platform and the primary productivity tools of our customers. 

Enter Gitlab – the latest feather in our LocOps cap. 

Like in all of our integrations, users of the integration will immediately benefit from a streamlined localization process, and reduce the burden on engineering. Once configured, the Gitlab integration works seamlessly, with translations happening invisibly (some even say magically). 

With Gitlab + Transifex, the engineering wizardry is evident: 

  • Project-level configuration, for restriction-free setup between Transifex and unlimited GitLab repositories or accounts
  • Webhooks to specify how to trigger a content push from Transifex to GitLab (100% translated, 100% reviewed, or custom)
  • Simulation of your integration to verify the correct syntax and file structure
  • Multi-branching, so your engineering and localization teams can work in parallel

You can learn more about our GitLab integration here

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