Boost Your Productivity with Our Contentful Integration

Boost Your Productivity with Our Contentful Integration
Maria Kiousi
May 25, 2023
2 min read

Modern work life is rife with distractions. Between meetings, email, calls, and the inevitable urgent request at exactly the wrong time, there’s often little time left for the deep thinking that can lead to real productivity. 

The average business person is constantly context switching, and it comes at a cost. In fact, research reveals that it takes an average of 23 minutes for a person to regain their focus after a distraction.

That’s why we’re continuously working to make the localization process as streamlined as possible. We want our customers to have the confidence that once the proper systems are in place, the translation process can happen automatically, almost magically.

A lot of this magic happens through our integrations. Seamless integrations mean that marketers, engineers, content managers and other team members can spend the majority of their time in their core productivity tools, not worrying about localization. 

The latest example from our team of talented, tireless engineers is our Contentful integration. For those who don’t know it, Contentful is a headless content management system. Unlike other systems, it’s not page based, which means users have a lot of flexibility on how they organize and leverage their content.  

We approached our integration with the same spirit of flexibility: 

  • Automating everything, so no more manual imports and exports. Content syncs happen effortlessly. 
  • Focusing on collaboration, allowing real-time partnering between your content creators and translators
  • Emphasizing quality, using our native translation memory and glossary management tools to maintain consistency across all your localized content.

We also did some interesting things that make our integration unique and really benefit our users: 

  • In addition to the standard fields, referenced content and media asset information is synced to Transifex, so translators have all the context they need.
  • Rich text content in Contentful is parsed into smaller sentences by Transifex, improving readability and accuracy
  • And localized content is only pushed back to Contentful when it is either translated, reviewed or proofread (you set the rules!), so project status is never in question.

We can’t remove all the distractions in your day, but we can make localization a little bit like magic. 

To get started with the Contentful integration, you can refer to our comprehensive support page.

If you’re new to Transifex and want to learn more, let us know 


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