Transifex Levels up Security With SSO (Single Sign-On)

Transifex Levels up Security With SSO (Single Sign-On)
Maria Kiousi
June 25, 2021
3 min read

What is SSO

Many enterprises move to the cloud nowadays and take advantage of third-party services. For this reason, seamless access to multiple applications from anywhere and on any device becomes essential for maintaining business efficiency and a satisfactory customer experience.

From the enterprise perspective, securely managing hundreds of accounts and associated user data is a challenge for both users and IT administrators. Single sign-on (SSO) is the most common solution enterprise organizations use to enhance their IT security, improve user experience, and reduce costs.

What is SSO

SSO makes it easier to access the programs and data you need by removing the extra step of logging in and out of each separate application. Instead, a third party that’s installed on the enterprise’s infrastructure acts as the central authenticator. And it is precisely that third party that confirms your identity automatically, as you move from page to page and site to site.

Our new SSO integration brings Transifex into the group of applications registered to the enterprise’s central authentication system. Here’s a common scenario showing how things are simplified with SSO:


  • A person in Enteprise A opens up Transifex in the browser and logs in with specific TX credentials.
  • The same person opens up another tab in his browser and logs into another application with different credentials.

How many usernames and passwords can one possibly remember?


  • The same person goes into the central authentication system of Enterprise A and logs in with just one set of credentials
  • After that, opening Transifex will require no login since the user is already authenticated!
  • Opening up other applications will once again not require any further log-ins.

And this can go on until the session set in the central authentication system expires!

Benefits of SSO

What is SSO

Higher Security Level

When employees have to keep track of multiple login credentials, they tend to create passwords that are easy to remember and are similar to each other. While this makes it easier to access their accounts quickly, it also poses a threat to security.

SSO reduces those security risks. Working with SSO means that you’ll no longer have to keep track of dozens of passwords and enterprises can offload sensitive data to their third-party SSO platform.

Higher Efficiency and User Satisfaction

With just one login to remember, people spend less time scrolling through a mental list (or physical list) of password combinations trying to access every site they need throughout the workday. The result is more time spent working and happier end users.

Lower IT Costs

If your IT department spends a lot of time on tickets related to password resets and user data, that’s definitely a sign that something is going wrong.  This is time that you could easily invest in IT projects and priorities, instead.

That’s where SSO comes in. When users only have one set of credentials to remember, they are less likely to forget them and, therefore, less likely to call IT for help.

Sounds Interesting?

Does your enterprise have a central authentication system such as OKTA installed? Are you using a single username and password to log in to all your apps apart from Transifex? Then feel free to contact your IT department to add Transifex to the list of verified and trusted applications for your organization!

SSO is available on the Enterprise plan. Contact us to discuss more.

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