More Options for Your Automated Localization Workflow

Mike Giannakopoulos
March 14, 2019
2 min read

As more content is made available for localization, companies do more to evaluate and prioritize which content they are selecting to localize. Different tiers of importance are assigned to localizable content according to factors such as visibility, impact, and required clarity, among many others. Organizing your content into these different tiers allows for localization with different methods.

To localize content in the lower tier — specifically, content that does not require translation precision and extensive copy-writing — Machine Translation is currently the best solution. Machine Translation provides a solid foundation for your translators, and can produce sufficiently good results for content in this tier.

With Transifex, you and your localization team can use Machine Translation (MT) easily and directly from the Transifex platform. Simply add an automatic MT pre-translating phase or have your translators manually use MT on a specific phrase. Results from MT services can often vary depending on content type, so having more options like these can give you more flexibility to adjust to your needs.

And to cover all your Machine Translation and content localization needs, Transifex integrates with services from Google, Microsoft, and – most recently – Amazon!

Transifex settings for machine translation - Amazon Translate

With this integration, you’ll be able to use Amazon Translate to translate your content, in these easy steps:

  1. Make sure you have an Amazon Web Services (AWS) account with Amazon Translate enabled.
  2. From your AWS account and interface, create a new Access Key and Secret for Amazon Translate.
  3. Then, from your Transifex dashboard, go into your Organization Settings. Use the Machine Translation Service dropdown menu to select Amazon Translate.
  4. Fill up the required credentials to link Transifex to Amazon and you are all set.

With this new integration (and more to come!), we take another step towards providing you and your team with more options for automated localization. We are also working on making Machine Translation services more reliable for translating special texts (i.e., glossary terms, variables, XML-syntax) as well as extending the platform to incorporate more Machine Translation services! Stay tuned.

To access integrations like this one and start translating your content, unlock the power of localization with this free 15-day trial of Transifex.

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