New Transifex File Formats: Generic YAML (and Better) Rails-Compatible YAML Support

Mike Giannakopoulos
April 18, 2018
1 min read

YAML is one of the most commonly used file formats in Transifex. And now Transifex supports both Rails i18n compatible YAML files and generic YAML files.

We built a new parser for Rails-compatible YAML files to address many limitations in our previous YAML parser. For example, quotes and indentation in the file you upload are now preserved in the translation file you download.

We’re also introducing a parser for generic YAML files. So if you have YAML files that’re not used for Rails apps, you can translate those in Transifex too.

If you have existing YAML files in Transifex, all you have to do is re-upload the files to switch to the new parser.

Have questions? Learn more about translating YAML files in Transifex in our docs.

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