Introducing Better Ways to Manage Your Translation Workflows

Introducing Better Ways to Manage Your Translation Workflows
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Mike Giannakopoulos
November 9, 2017
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There isn’t a one-size-fits-all approach to translating your content. The way you translate your content will vary depending on what you’re translating and the translation quality you need.

For an internal application, you might not need to invest in high-quality translations: crowdsourcing translations internally could be sufficient. But for your company’s website — the face of your business — quality matters much more.

To help you better translate the different projects you have, we’re releasing Workflows. Workflows is an intuitive, centralized way to manage how your content is handled during each stage of the localization process.

Here’s a look at what Workflows means for you.

A new way to see what happens during each stage of localization

We said at the start that there isn’t a universal way to localize content. While that’s true, you can still think of localization in terms of a few main stages: pre-translation, translation, and review. With today’s release, we’ve reorganized the Workflow settings page around these stages.

translation workflow

Settings related to the same stage of the localization process are now grouped together, making the relationship between settings clearer while helping you better visualize the flow of content once you upload it to Transifex.

By default, projects in Transifex start with a two-step workflow: translate and review. But let’s say you want to leverage Translation Memory before your translators start working in Transifex. All you have to do is enable TM Fill-up in the Pre-translation step, and you’re all set!

manage translation workflow

To keep the Workflows settings page focused on workflows, we’ve moved the TMX import/download and Machine Translation service settings to the General tab of the project settings.

Create Advanced Workflows

For customers on the Pro plan and up, we’re also releasing Advanced Workflows. With it, you have additional workflow settings available to you for more control over how content is handled during each stage of the localization process.

The first is the option to automatically Machine Translate all content after it’s uploaded to Transifex. Enabling this is useful if you use an MT plus human post-edit workflow — for example, for large projects with a tight deadline or budget, such as user-generated content. By setting this workflow, you don’t have to manually trigger MT each time you upload content.

The second is the option to prevent translators from editing work done by other translators. This is helpful when you want translators to work independently of each other. As a side benefit, it also keeps translators from accidentally (or sometimes intentionally) overwriting an existing translation.

The third setting available to you is the option to have a second review in the review process. Up until now, Transifex has supported only a single review after a string has been translated. While that’s enough in most cases, sometimes you need a second set of eyes reviewing the translations for extra assurance. Maybe you want someone in-house to look over translations for the correct voice and tone after your translation agency has done the first round of reviews. The second review helps you do this.

review your translation workflow

If you enable the second review step, which is called “Proofread,” there will be a third color bar in the progress bars indicating the progress of the proofread step. Additionally, data about the second review will be included in your Reports as well.

translation workflow progress bars

Start configuring your workflows

We designed Workflows to be flexible so you can mix and match settings to create the workflow you need for your project. To start configuring your translation workflows, head over to your project settings. Or if you’d like to see a demo of Advanced Workflows or try it out, contact us. We’d be happy to help.

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