Get Professional Translations from within Transifex

Get Professional Translations from within Transifex
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Mike Giannakopoulos
May 27, 2015
2 min read

In our survey last year, you told us that your biggest challenge with translations was quality and consistency. Well, good news! Our new Integrated Translation Provider service with translation agency e2f addresses both of these issues head on. You get a seamless localization experience that’s built directly into Transifex.

High-quality translations

With just a few clicks, you can order high-quality, professional translations from e2f. You have the ability to specify the industry and tone, as well as provide instructions to the translators. All translations are reviewed by professional reviewers before it’s delivered to you.

ITP - Instructions

Consistent translations

Translators will leverage your existing Glossary and Translation Memory to ensure your translations are consistent over time, even as more content is being translated. Plus, it drives costs down since fewer words need to be translated once in Translation Memory.

Convenient for you

Translations are done and delivered to you in Transifex. This means you can upload screenshots, answer questions via comments, tag strings, and set character limits for translations. Plus, you can track the progress of translations as it happens.

You also have access to special email support for all your translation-related questions. Billing for your orders is handled directly through Transifex, so you have one less vendor to manage.

Ordering translations is super easy. Just log in to Transifex, click the Order button, and select e2f from the list of vendors to get started!

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