Mike Giannakopoulos

Transifex Partners with Facebook to Help Mobile Startups Take Off Globally

Transifex joins Facebook’s FbStart program alongside 13 other companies such as Adobe, Asana, Mailchimp and Workable.

Tools are an essential part of any startup’s daily operations. So today we’re proud to share that Transifex is partnering with Facebook in the FbStart program, which provides mobile startups access to useful tools and resources to build and grow their apps.

There are two tracks to FbStart: Bootstrap for companies just getting started, and Accelerate for more established companies that are scaling. All companies selected will receive access to Transifex, plus other awesome tools and services worth up to $30,000.

In today’s world where 50% of people online don’t speak any English, offering your app in multiple languages is no longer just a “nice to have,” but key to a company’s success. Here at Transifex, we aim to remove localization headaches and bottlenecks by enabling developers to integrate localization into their development process.

So…ready to make your mobile app speak your user’s language and join the likes of Waze and Strava? If you have a public iOS or Android app, you can learn more about FbStart and apply. We can’t wait to see all the amazing localized apps you build!

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