Case Study: Helping Translation Agency e2f Optimize Their Business

March 25, 2013
2 min read

What do you do when the 2008 Financial Crisis hits your business and your growth drops from over 20% per year to a projected rate in the single digits?

For e2f, the world’s largest English to French translation agency and industry leaders in language production management, there wasn’t much of a choice. With approximately 30% of their revenue going toward production costs, it was simple: adapt to survive.

So e2f moved out of their comfort zone and adopted new technology. They replaced their aging in-house system developed in 2004 with a modern translation management automation system connected to Transifex through our API. Their new system is both advanced and distinct from what most agencies use.

Clients can visit e2f’s website, upload source files, and select what languages he or she wants the files translated to. Once the order is submitted, a project is automatically created in Transifex and e2f translators can start working. And if a client wants to see the progress of the translations, it’s constantly updated on the e2f website via the Transifex API. It’s a level of transparency rarely provided by agencies.

e2f’s new translation management system has significantly cut down on a number of manual processes and reduced turnaround times. It also allows them to take on more projects of all sizes.

And what about reducing their production costs? According to Michel Lopez, the founder and CEO of e2f, they expect their initial infrastructure costs to be lowered by over 15% minimum. That’s sweet music to our ears.

To learn more about this story, check out the new case study from e2f.

P.S. We love the folks at e2f. Please do get in touch with them if you’re looking for some quality translations, especially for French, German, Spanish, or Italian.

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