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Webflow Integration

Webflow is offering an easy-to-use interface for anyone without web development skills to quickly develop and deploy their ideas into full-fledged working websites. With Transifex's integration you can easily translate your content by using the Live context interface directly on your Webflow website.

Localize Instantly your Website Without Coding

Transifex integration with Webflow empowers marketers and designers to translate content in complex, rich animations without even thinking about code.

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Launching a multilingual Webflow website easily

Fast Development and Release

You only have to include the Transifex Live snippet in your Webflow pages. Localize your content fast and easily.

A Non-Technical Approach for Translations

Use the Transifex Live context interface directly on your Webflow website, and translate all of your content without using any line of code.

Add, Detect or Exclude Content

Have fine-grained control of your content using advanced non-technical functionality to include or exclude content from localization.

Installing the Webflow Integration

Start by adding the JavaScript snippet to the script of every page in your Webflow site.

Go to Webflow project, open the pages list and click on the gear icon of a page. Find the script of the page settings.

Copy and paste Transifex Live script in a Custom Code. Save in page settings and repeat for all pages.

After adding the Transifex Live snippet, publish changes to make Transifex Live work on your site and start adding translations.

Website Localization made easy. Why wait?

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