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Localizing Multilingual Support Content

Why and how to continuously localize multilingual support content


Speaking to your customers (and prospects) in their own language is crucial to your business success. Whether it’s a blog post, a marketing campaign, or your help center, Harvard Business Review states that there is a strong connection between in-language content and a consumer’s likelihood of making a purchase. On top of this, according to a CSA Research study, the ability for a customer to obtain information in their own language is more important than the price for the 56.2% consumers.


Making information and support available to your customers in their native language directly impacts your bottom line. This, coupled with a revelation shared by Zendesk that 81% of customers are trying to solve their issue by themselves before contacting any live support is why we built a new and improved Zendesk integration from the ground up.


What to expect from this Webinar


During this webinar, we’ll break down the key benefits of localized multilingual support content and how you can seamlessly connect your Zendesk Help Center with the Transifex app so that you can streamline your translation workflow and easily send articles and dynamic content between both platforms.

  • Localized Help-Desk Benefits
  • What's new with Transifex Zendesk Integration v3
  • Demo: Setting up the integration
  • Demo: A workflow with Zendesk Integration


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