Localization Strategy & Workflow Hacks

How Quora Built an Effective Localization Strategy and Optimized Workflows


In this live webinar, we are going to talk about localization strategy. To start, let’s define it. Localization strategy is the unique market approach of a company to meet purchasing habits, customer needs, and overall cultural differences in each country it operates in.

Adopting a country-by-country localization strategy ensures better communication of business values and a high level of profitability. Quora is a great example of how localization strategy can enhance the entire organisation’s ROI.

  • The Key Points Of A Successful Localization Strategy (ROI Stats from 11 actual cases)
  • How to Automate Your Localization Workflows
  • Research Pillars (Industries, Job Titles, ROI Statistics, Conclusions)
  • 3 Most Effective Localization workflows
  • How Quora's Localization Strategy Accelerated Their Global Expansion


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