Easy translation management

A home for your translation files

Transifex is a version-control system and repository for your global content, such as strings, video subtitles, landing pages and marketing emails. This means you can focus on managing translation quality and not have to worry about spreadsheets, emails with attachments, or FTP servers.

String-level work

Transifex breaks up your files into smaller segments to facilitate translation.

Track string changes

When you update your files, Transifex will automatically mark the changed strings for translation.

File or random strings

Use our web UI, command line client, or API to upload whole files or dynamic strings.

Translation management

Continuous Localization

Localization should never cause a bottleneck in your development workflow. New user-interface? Updates to a landing page? No sweat. Transifex was built for the breakneck pace of the software industry.

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Continuous Localization

Popular File Formats

Transifex supports all of the most common file formats and a few of the more obscure ones including Gettext, QT Linguist, Java, Android, iOS, and HTML/XTHML. You can use Transifex for different products and various kinds of content.

i18n file formats

Complete translation history

Like a version-control system, we store all past translations so you don’t have to worry about losing translations to a mistake or server crash. You can even revert to an older version at any time.

Translation history

Cloud based tools

Access and manage your localization projects from virtually any device, anywhere. All your translators get a consistent user experience without needing to download, install, or update extra pieces of software. It's the beauty of the cloud.

Cloud translation management
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