New pricing plans for more flexibility and broader feature access

New pricing plans for more flexibility and broader feature access
Dimitris Glezos
November 30, 2020
4 min read

At Transifex, our mission is to help every company deliver amazing multilingual experiences for users around the world. With this in mind, we are making a significant update to our pricing plans with the goal to make our product more accessible and allow everyone to go global. So, we would like to openly share the “what” and “why” of these upcoming changes in our pricing plans. Our new pricing model is based on the following principles: 

  1. Easy to try and easy to buy: Don’t get anxious; we are really close to our customers and we know what their expectations are from us. That’s why we introduced new options in each plan with the aim to better serve  our customers’ needs.
  2. Access: Some of our advanced features are now available in smaller tiers; This means that you no longer have to be an enterprise customer to have access to advanced features. Also, you will be able to stay in the same plan regardless of your word count needs.
  3. Transparency: Our pricing structure has been simplified so that it is easier to understand and more predictable. The new plans have a more cohesive distribution of features, making it very clear which plan best meets your localization needs and what you can get out of each plan. 
  4. Scalable: We built the new plans to effectively scale as your business grows.

Why are we doing this now?

Customers have often shared with us that our current set of plans has some limitations as the word count capacity and features are tied together in a plan. This makes some customers feel they are paying for features they don’t need when upgrading to a higher (and more expensive) plan because of capacity and vice versa.

Another issue we identified during our discussions with our customers is that the distribution of features among the current plans is lacking some strong distinction. We wanted to revisit it and make sure each plan will target customers with different levels of maturity of their localization efforts.

In our continuing efforts to provide the best service possible, introduce new features, and maintain our product’s superior standard for the coming years, we’re heavily investing in our product and have recently launched dozens of new features and improvements like Figma Integration, Search Strings, Transifex Native, Online source string editing, HTML fragment parser, API 3.0 etc… We’ve also got several exciting improvements in the works like, new Zendesk Integration, TM improvements etc..

What is the value for you?

With the new plans, our customers can now add or remove word count capacity while staying in a plan, without having to change the features available to them. Customers won’t need to pay for higher plan features if they need to upgrade because of capacity and vice versa.


Also, you will have the flexibility to easily customize your existing plan with add-ons. You may increase your word capacity using a slide bar, add more collaborators, or even scale-up with our integrations. It’s in your hands to decide what’s best for your organization and where you find the best value.


What does it mean for the existing customers?

Monthly Accounts

The changes will take effect in three months from now. This means that any change will be reflected on your subscription the day the new billing period starts after the three-month interval. For example, if your billing cycle starts on the 4th day of the month and the six month period ends on April 24th, 2021, the changes to your subscription will automatically be applied on May 4th, 2021. After that, our legacy plans will stop being available and will no longer be supported. 

Annual/ Multi-year Accounts

Your subscription won’t be affected before your contract’s term end date. After that, our legacy plans will no longer be available and supported. Our team will reach out to you before your contract ends to present you the available options and help you find the plan that best suits your needs. 

Being always transparent with you is in our company’s DNA. We do know that pricing changes are never easy, but we take pride in focusing on our customers. We remain committed to providing you with a superior customer experience ensuring your success and satisfaction.

You can see the new plans here:

For additional information, you may contact us at:

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